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August 11, 2008

Electric Larry Land: Munson Mixes

As you know, I'm all about the Munson Mixes...basically taking old Munson highlights and laying his voice over different songs. Last month, Russ Loyd sent us some AC/DC, James Brown and Warren Zevon Munson Mixes.

This month, he's sent us some more links. It's all part of a series he calls "Electric Larry Land." This set includes:

  • Shut Your Mouth and Get on the Plane - Drive By Truckers. I give this one 5 Stars. It's a Terry Hoage tribute of sorts with more Munson clips than the ones we linked to last month.

  • Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction. This one mixes in clips of Pollack's strip of Corey Jenkins in the 2002 South Carolina game.

  • sUGAr, sUGAr - Wilson Pickett. The ending of the 1982 Auburn game. Look at the sugar falling from the sky.
Good tailgate tracks.



Anonymous said...

Bad News Threadjack:

Trinton Sturdivant may have suffered a season-ending knee injury in Monday's scrimmage.

ChiliDawg said...

This...would be terrible.

Anonymous said...

I am hating life right now.

dawgdayafternoon said...

13 starts last seasons, All SEC freshman honors, starting left tackle. What a horrible disappointment this must be for Trinton. I imagine we will see the value in Coach Searels cross training the linemen to play all positions. What lousy news!

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