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August 25, 2008

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Central Michigan Tickets Nearing Face Value

If you're looking for Georgia vs. Central Michigan tickets, the price on has come down. They are now available starting at around $50-75 each (as of the time that I wrote this).

I saw some pretty decent deals on lower level seats and 300 level tickets.

Separately, the price for UGA at South Carolina tickets look reasonable given the demand. Particularly if you only need a single.



Anonymous said...

Although it must be noted that several of those cheaper seats are being auctioned

Paul Westerdawg said...

Fair enough. I didn't notice that originally. Although, when I originally drafted this note on Friday night, there were some non-auctioned tickets available for around $60.

Either way...fair point.

williamjdawg said...

Still tough trying to find 4 FAMILY tickets together at reasonable price. Thought this would be a good FIRST ever game for the kids.

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