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August 29, 2008

Mother Nature Scoffs At Your Practice Bubble

Mother Nature has struck back at Arizona State. The Sun Devils had tried to grow immunity to her searing desert heat by building a multi-million dollar, air-conditioned practice facility out of synthetic fabric and air pressure. It looked like a giant pillow. But, angry thunderstorms popped the practice bubble last night. Pitchfork Nation has the pictures to prove it. Be safe, Arizona.

More photos (before and after from Click on the images for more pics)


(PWD Note: The facility had been open for less than 1 month. Damn. Imagine that phone call to their insurance agents. "See...what happened was...")


Unknown said...

Weather: 1
ASU: 0

"Well played Weather. Well played." - Dennis

Unknown said...

Don't they know that even large pop-up campers aren't supposed to be left out in a storm? There's no way Coleman is going to warranty that. They'll have to take it up with insurance.

Maybe they can rig up one of those Six Flags misters until they can get some replacement canvas in. That's got to be a bitch to do the caulking for.

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with tradition.

I'm sure UGA has their traditions we have ours at ASU. This bubble that was brought in replaced a time-honored camp location that the Sun Devils used since the Frank Kush era (Kush is to ASU what Dooley is to UGA).

This was God's way of getting back for messing with football tradition.

Belliott said...

Take a look at the article below the Bubble coverage on the PitchFork Nation page. They are taking cheap shots at us. Classy.

Hunker Down said...


He's right though... they are NOT Georgia. And that will become extremely clear on Sept 20.

Anonymous said...

I am working with an ASU person who I just showed these pictures to. She was nearly in tears. Apparently, the sun is hot there. All this from a regular summer thunderstorm.

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