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September 22, 2008

Georgia in the Polls...very little movement

There was some question after the ASU game...did UGA win impressively enough to hold 3rd place. Obviously, the answer was yes.

I took a moment to compare poll points week over week and here's the results.
    AP Poll:
    #1 USC: Rose 29 points and gained 1 first place vote
    #2 OU: Dropped 1 point and still has no first place votes
    #3 UGA: Rose 38 points. Increased its lead over UF by 10 points
    #4 UF: Rose 28 points.

    Coaches Poll:
    #1 USC: Lost 1 point and lost 1 first place vote
    #2 OU: Lost 1 point, but picked up a 1st place vote from USC.
    #3 UGA: Lost 5 points, and lost 15 points as UF narrowed the gap.
    #4 UF: Gained 10 points
In the AP Poll, Georgia is only nine points behind #2 Oklahoma, and we're 36 points behind them in the Coaches Poll. This week, OU plays #24 TCU while we play Top 10 Alabama. A win of any margin could move us back into 2nd place overall.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it was a dry win.

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a team that's gotten more traction from beating a completely inept UW team than Oklahoma? Oh wait, USC over Virginia.

Anonymous said...

OU gaining a first place vote from USC makes no sense to me when both teams are off makes no sense to me.

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Douglas said...

USC going up in points and gaining a first place vote on an off week is simply st00pid....
We've played twice as much ball and still don't get half the love. We should have slipped back into the #2 spot this week but....! Just TCOB Dawgs and we'll be fine....hopefully!

Will Queen said...

If Georgia beats Alabama this weekend even by one point, I don't see how any pollster could justify having us below Oklahoma OR USC. I know they WILL have us below one or both of them, but there is no way that it could be justified.

Island Dawg said...

We are stuck at 3 for awhile.
USC, OU, LSU, Texas and the gators will all win this week over lesser teams.
Remember - If we loose we'll drop like a rock.
Blackout Bama! Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

If USC and Oklahoma continue to win that will be the National Championship game no matter what Georgia does.

It is just the nature of the beast.

Jarred said...

^ not true at all... we're still ranked at the top in most computer polls. No way if 3 teams we went undefeated, we'd be left out. No way.

Anonymous said...

I agree we'd be left out, too. It takes humans to move us up, and humans are (obviously) not likely to do it.

Anonymous said...

From one of the unlucky Dawgs left at home this weekend, here's two ASU game notes I haven't seen yet in the blogosphere, but which are worthy of note:

(1) CMR, on his coach's show, said that the ASU field was a different type of grass than we usually encounter in the SEC (I think he called it a Winter Rye), and that it was pretty slick. He said Knowshon, especially, noted the slickness of the turf and that it was hard to make the "Knowshon-cuts" we know and love. Though that clearly would have been a fairly weak excuse had we not rushed well, I thought that was an interesting - and believable - note in a game in which we blew away ASU's runners (even with Herring). Herring and rye...mmmmm.

(2) High comedy in the halftime interview of CMR: Pam Oliver (I think) asked CMR as he sprinted to the locker room whether UGA had noticed some tendency in the ASU coverage or if there was some other reason why we had started to throw the ball to AJ more. CMR(master of dry wit): "Ummm, I think we just finally figured out we should throw it to him more." He's really good.

David Hale thinks AJ needs a good nickname. Here's mine: AJ Green = IC Crystal.

Anonymous said...

No way if 3 teams we went undefeated, we'd be left out. No way.

We're winning and still falling brother. How do you explain that? USC vs Oklahoma will be the dream match up.

If East Carolina could have kept winning we would have played them in the Sugar Bowl (provided we were undefeated also)

We still might wind up playing Brigham Young.

Anonymous said...

One final ASU note from Anon 4:04:

Brent Musberger and Herby went all-out to show their Dawg Love on the ABC broadcast. Seriously. ABC/ESPN haters can now officially give it a rest. Herby heaped particularly effusive praise on Stafford, Moreno, AJ and Curran. As great as the others were Sat. nite, I think the ESPN world has just come to realize how truly dominating Rennie can be.

Please, please - - from an older, wiser Dawg - - don't be too obnoxious to the GameDay crew this weekend. No matter what you think, they don't hate us, and now we're really starting to be a great story for them. As your Grandmaw must've told you too, you get a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar. And, man, come early December, we're gonna need those ESPN flies.

Andrew said...

Two Points:

Most human commentators have listed Georgia's schedule as the most difficult in the country (or the most difficult among the serious championship-game contenders). Go undefeated through the teams that we'll have to beat, and win the SEC Championship, and there's no way the human votes don't massively swing our way.

Also, another point not touched on yet (at least, not that I've seen): on College Gameday Final and other post-Saturday shows, any highlight involving any team's player jumping over another received a comment from the on-air talent like "Pay attention, Georgia fans!" or "Turn on your DVR, Mark Richt!". They've heard our "fans" whining and are making subtle jabs back. Let's win games and let everything else take care of itself.

Anonymous said...

I know we will play for the NC when we win out. I also think we may play for it with 1 loss, but the loss has to be to LSU or Auburn so that we can still play for the SEC. Everyone knows that the SEC is the premier conference and have won the last 2 NCs.

Anonymous said...

Go undefeated through the teams that we'll have to beat, and win the SEC Championship, and there's no way the human votes don't massively swing our way.

Too early in the season to even have a decent conversation about this. Let Penn State keep winning big and they will be yet another to put us in the Sugar Bowl with BYU.

Anonymous said...

Munson just announced his retirement effective immediately.

Chris said...

anon 5:31,

just saw it on channel 2!

thats just extra motivation! Win it for Larry!

Dawg19 said...

Anon 4:04...

Several times during the ASU game, I complained that it seemed like the Sun Devils officials had watered down the field (Ga Tech pulled this to no avail some years ago). All of our skill players seemed to slip at least one time during the game. Even Richt commented that if Knowshon hadn't slipped a couple of times, there's no telling how many more yards he would've had. The grass thing makes sense.

JasonC said...

I believe at least one SEC team used to use winter rye about 15 years ago, but I can't remember which one.

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