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September 9, 2008

Georgia vs South Carolina Headlines

Some interesting headlines to start your morning:And from the blogs:PWD


FisheriesDawg said...

So just a heads-up for any of you Dawg fans outside of Georgia, particularly living in Texas or Florida:

ABC has taken a 6-day option on the game time for Miami (FL) @ Texas A&M next weekend. It may be on the regular split regional telecast at 3:30 or it my be split with our game at 8. I'd imagine that most of the country will still get our game but FL and TX may get stuck with a slap fight between two crappy teams. I live in FL, but fortunately I'll be in Tempe so I don't have to worry about it.

Anonymous said...

The note I left on Ron Morris's "It ain't over" article

Why do you assume the USC program is "building". In order, to "build", the program would need to get better relative to the competition. That hardly appears the case judging from last year and the start of this season. Every school not in the top tier of the SEC talks about "building" and inevitably reaching that top tier. But, in order to "build", it has to be at another teams expense. Not every SEC team can be at the top. USC may be regressing at the expense of other programs that may be "building." i.e. Vandy, Ole Miss. Just because a team is not good does not mean they are "building". It may simply mean they are not good and not getting better.

Anonymous said...

Love that Simpson's clip. I remember laughing heartily in derision the first time I saw it.

VooDawgChile said...

What makes that clip great is that it insults Clemson while insulting the Gamecocks at the same time.

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