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September 24, 2008

Help the Redcoats

From KarateDawg at the Anti-Orange Page:
The Redcoat Band, along with the Auburn, Clemson, Florida, LSU, USC, and Texas bands, is competing in a "Battle of the Bands" contest hosted by ESPN and Paramount Pictures. Each participating band will be featured on ESPN's website starting on September 29th. The winning band will receive a $25,000 donation from Paramount and Lucasfilm Ltd.
To learn more click here. To vote click here.


a redcoat said...

i don't think the actual voting for us starts until monday

Anonymous said...

I love the Redcoats - they are much better than the other SEC schools in the competition, but if FAMU isn't a participant, it's amateur hour. Jes' sayin'.

chris said...

Very nice blog

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