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September 23, 2008

Larry Munson Tribute Articles

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Anonymous said...

You know, there's a lot of sadness that comes with something like this, and there's a tendency to slip into the realm of the funereal, even though he's not gone. But am I the only one who wouldn't be the least bit surprised if, failing health and all, Munson was still around and kicking in another 10 years?

I know he's not the type to hang around for the sake of hanging around, but I can see him saying to himself, "Dangit, I'm gonna have me some retirement years now."

Here's hoping, anyway.

H.L. said...

If you've ever had a chance to listen to the final 20 minutes of the 2006 Tech game, it is 20 minutes of non-stop classic Munson. The worrying...poking fun at Loran...getting on to Loran for saying it's over before it was over....saying the children will never get home that night after the win...wondering how many dates Stafford could get if he went downtown right now...just beautiful.

My favorite calls: '90 Alabama (Carswell saved our fanny!..also my first ever live GA game); '01 Tennessee (in the stands for that one), Herschel over Bill Bates, Butler's 60-yarder (heard that one in my grandparents' living room), and of course, Belue to Scott.

ky_dawg said...

Howzabout we name the football field after Larry? Munson Field at Sanford Stadium. Has a nice ring to it.

Mike said...

I didn't even know who Larry Munson was before I started reading this blog in the build up to the Arizona State game. Thanks to XM Radio I was able to listen to the last two Georgia home games out here in Arizona. Bloggers on other threads had commented, respectfully, that those were not his best games. I was glad to at least get a chance to hear him before he retired.

When the man said 'DAWG' it sounded like 'DAWG', not dog.

Mike B! said...

I know Larry does not want to make a big deal of this or go through any trouble BUT he IS as much a part of UGA as ANY person I know! What I would propose is to OBVIOUSLY rename the press box at the very least;play his top play calls of all time during various timeouts of the game ( WILL KEEP THE UGA FANS JACKED ) and present him with a BLACK JERSEY for the coin toss and let him put it on in front of EVERYONE!

"7 days, 7 days, 7 days ... let's take care of business" said...

Is anyone else concerned about Brian Evans getting constantly picked on this season! The guy CANNOT cover... I'm not sure why we continue to play him! Tripp and Evans are clearly our weakest link. When is Q Banks getting healthy? Evans is playing 10 yards off the other teams best receivers! I just don't understand why he's in the game...

My dog's name was Munson said...

If anyone missed the end of the Mark Richt show after AZ State, watch it again! CMR's speech to the team after the game was AWESOME!!!

I named my dog Munson.

Squarebush said...

"If anyone missed the end of the Mark Richt show after AZ State, watch it again! CMR's speech to the team after the game was AWESOME!!!"

Indeed it was. Glad to see someone else mention that. I was inspired and ready to go play for him.

Anonymous said...

This may sound crazy, but see what you think. At the Tech game we could do a half time tribute to Larry. The Redcoat Band could play "Rocky Top" very "quietly" while the Jumbo Tron shows the great Munson calls against the Vols. The band could do the same with Auburn, Bama, Florida and Tech calls using those fight songs played as background to Larry's great calls. They could call it Larry Munson's tour around the South. Bad idea or good idea?

Hunter said...

Does anyone know where Richard Samuel was on Saturday?

Hobnail_Boot said...

Fine choice of clips, sir.

squarebush - What did CMR say?

skidawg1985 said...

Regarding Larry, I have missed him being out west.

Hats off the Joel Eaves for 2 of the great hires in UGA sports history.

UGA should have named the press box after him last year or early this year. I suspect Larry did not want the attention, but sometimes you say "screw it, we are honoring you whether you like it or not".

lawvol said...

I may be a Vol fan, but I will miss Larry Munson.

Here's my Tribute to Larry On His Retirement: A Legendary Run Ends ... Munson Retires | Gate 21,
and an earlier tribute I did on Munson and other great college announcers: The Voice of College Sports| Gate 21.

Larry Munson will truly be missed by all who love college football and the SEC..

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