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September 4, 2008

Old School Dawg Video

Blogging Pantsless brings us this gem.



Anonymous said...

I never knew there was a punt block to set up Herschel's run against Tennessee...

and who was #14 w/ the SICK!!!!!!!! D...?

Anonymous said...

The film quality of those clips were great. Best I've seen.

Mackalicious said...

That was my first attempt at video editing so it's probably not as great as others you'll find. If nothing else I appreciate recognition. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

#14 was none other than the great Terry Hoage.

Dawg19 said...

Light Up The Sky by Van the Van Halen II album.

Very Nice...loved the editing at the end.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should do a montage of Goff sideline celebrations. Did anyone ever do sideline celebrating better than Goff? We would get a first down in the second quarter on a fullback up the middle and Goff would be jumping up and down flailing arms on the sideline. Is there anything that gives you less confidence in a coach than maniacal celebrations during the game?

Anonymous said...

I met Ray Goff once, if you want to talk about a guy with a heart the size of a basketball he's your man. If he could have willed his teams to win he would have gone undefeated every year. A classy guy and a great Dawg, but we have the best of both worlds with CMR.

Anonymous said...

"I never knew there was a punt block to set up Herschel's run against Tennessee..."

You mean a muffed punt????!!?

"and who was #14 w/ the SICK!!!!!!!! D...?"

This is only an acceptable question if you are women.

Kris said...

watch at 18 seconds into the movie.. his helmet hits the fan in the mouth! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Mackalicious: The quality of the prints really is terrific. Solid job!

That brings up an interesting question: just like CMR does now, there was a "Vince Dooley Show" ("Brought to you by the fine folks at Golden Flake potato chips") every Sunday morning in the 1970s-80s to recap the previous day's game and show highlights - - since back in the Stone Age there was no Intertubes and only 1 or 2 games per year were ever broadcast. The films - - like some of these - - tended to be shot from an angle high up in the coach's boxes at Sanford. I wonder whatever happened to the tapes of that old show? Is there a UGA archive? There would be some awesome stuff there, especially from pre-Herschel days. Some enterprising young UGA media student should do some research and try to digitize some. (There is one run by Herschel that I especially recall, against the Gamecocks, where he ran it the distance and there were a couple of guys who had the angle on him dead-to-rights and he just plain defied physics and turned on the afterburners in beating them. Ahh, sweet days. Though these days are pretty dadgum good, too.)

Btw, Terry Hoage was amazing. Had ESP when it came to sensing where the ball would be. Few recall that he - - a DB - - actually finished 5th in the Heisman race his senior year. Amazing. He and (years earlier) Jake Scott were the first in the line of great UGA safeties.

I think he has a vineyard in Sonoma Valley now. Probably prefers to crush his grapes by intercepting them first before stomping their guts out. Reminds him of the old days...

ugagirl24 said...

Whatever anon 4:19!!!! Plenty of women can talk Georgia Football with the best of them.

skidawg1985 said...

Hoage was a great guy. We had 2 classes together. The fellow was brilliant with a photogenic memory.

He has a vineyard and bottles wine with another UGA alum in Paso Robles.

Good use of his genetics education!

There is a line of wines that are named after the Gallic (I think) word for "bulldog".

If you look at the wines listed you will see a lot of references to football or UGA (The Hedges, the 46--he played in that defense once).

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