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September 29, 2008

Photos: UGA vs. Alabama 2008 (Part II)

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge any of these images from the '08 Bama game.



Anonymous said...

Is their any of our defense greasing their butts up to take another big one from the Bama offense?


Anonymous said...

No kiddin' NebraskaDawg. That was horrid. I would rather watch replays of the ut game last year. At least there the problem was self-implosion. Alabama beat our butts to a bloody pulp. They really didn't even need to take the field in the 2nd half. That was the worst football I've ever seen from the Dawgs.


Anonymous said...

Alabama is further along than they thought.

We aren't anywhere near where we thought.


C said...

Don't make too much of one game. I still can't figure out how in the world the same team that took the field in Nashville last year was the same one that took the field 2 weeks later in Jax. It's a crazy sport.

They beat us up, and it will either start a trend or wake us up. Or neither. It could be that it was just a crazy game and they played out of their minds. Football is a season-long sport more than any other, and you are what you are at the end of the season, not the middle of the season. Last year, UGA was not a 4-2 team...they were an 11-2 team.

We'll have to answer the bell, but if this staff hasn't proven they can do that in '06 and '07, then you simply weren't watching. These kids came to Georgia to win a championship, and they can still do that. We need to get a little bit meaner up front. No doubt about that.

Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

If you've watched and read about Ben Jones - ain't too many players meaner than that mf'er. Too bad the meanness from a freshman rarely translates across the team like KM last year.

C said...

Jones mean-ness might can spread through that o-line. He played valiantly and is going to be a good one. It's gonna be alright. Let's judge it all in mid-January and not late September.

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