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September 2, 2008

Pick 'Em for Week 1 Standings

After Week 1 in our college pick 'em, I suck and you probably don't. I'm in 204th place out of 442 members. Here's our Top 10.

Standings for Week 1
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 LotharioDawg's picks 11-3 98
1 Ronnie Wilson's AK-47's picks 13-1 98
1 ChiliDawg's picks 13-1 98
4 BringBackRodneyHampton 11-3 97
4 USAFCCF's picks 12-2 97
6 dawg4life's picks 12-2 95
6 Robert00's picks 11-3 95
8 Mid80sDawg's picks 11-3 94
8 RichtFlair's Picks 12-2 94
8 swinter1972's picks 11-3 94

Others of note:
    -- Dawgnoxious TCB in a Flash - 79th
    -- Quinton McDawg - 280th
I'll gladly sacrifice my 6 points for UT losing to see the look on Fulmer's face at the end of tonight's game. Good times.

I think the bracket opens in the morning for this week's selections. There are some quirks in the software. If I did this week right, there should only be 12 games to pick. I left out the outrageous mismatches like LSU vs. Troy and UK vs. Norfolk State. Those just seemed pointless and time consuming to select. I'll try to keep the game choices to 12 or so from here on out.

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Anonymous said...

Could you post the link to your poll again?

Watson said...

better yet, link it somewhere on the side so we can get to it from here.

Unknown said...

it is linked to on the site. scroll down to that obnoxious graphic on the right.

Unknown said...

fair point. i linked to the post, and I'm also raising the graphic higher on the page for a while.

Anonymous said...

I was anon @ 12:35. Wanted to say that I should look for things on your site, prior to asking for them to be added. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Robert00 said...

Hell yeah, came in 6th this week.. Next week is kind of a poor slate of games, when Ole Miss-Wake Forest is one of the best games, you know it is a slow week

Smitty said...

And I had 10 points on UT last night. Another reason I hate them...

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