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September 18, 2008

Posting will be sporadic

All three of us are heading to the game. Other than some pre-baked stuff, I'm not sure how much we'll be posting.

My early thoughts....the OL shuffle makes me really nervous. I think Anderson and Vance are a downgrade over Tripp and Boling. We would essentially be playing our 3rd team left tackle against a quality DE in this game (Sturdivant ... then Tripp...then Vance). I'm also nervous about our own pass rush, and the "unknown" of how the team will react to the logistics.

I wish they were flying out earlier, but what do I know.

Things I'm not worried about
  • The "Gold Out" that ASU has planned for the game
  • The ASU running game
  • The loyalties of Mr. Truett Cathy.
Some dude emailed me asking me to boycott Chick-fil-a because they sponsored the "Bring on Georgia" signs at ASU a few weeks ago. Are you kidding me? I'd boycott my own mother blog before I'd boycott the blessed fried chicken creation of Mr. Cathy.

I like the Dawgs to cover the 6.5 , but I'll be happy with any win. Sorry for the weak week of posting, but this has been a chaos week for me. Plus, we're all hunkered down at our "real jobs" to get ready for 2 days out of the office this week.

Go Dawgs. See you out there.

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JasonC said...

Maybe the changes aren't as dramatic as you think. Maybe some of it is to light a fire under the OL.

ky_scott said...

boycott Chik-fil-a? That's just crazy talk.

AuburnAllen said...

boycott Chick-fil-a? Not me either. That IS crazy.

I'll be at Jordan-Hare Stadium for the game. Hopefully we'll win this one.

Have a safe fun trip.

And win this game Dawgs.

Nathan said...

I'd cheer for Georgia before I'd boycott Chick-fil-a

The UGa o-line situation scares me in this game, I'm almost tempted to pick ASU just because of that. Then I remember they lost to UNLV last week.

Anonymous said...

Whoooo! Drunk in the Birmingham airport ready to go to VEGAS!!!! before heading to the game. Viva football season and i'm heading straight to the hilton sports book the second i touch down at Mcarrin. Go DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

Boycott chick-fil-a? I would rather boycott them for not being opened on Sunday.

Arrived in Phoenix last night. On our flight was Damon Evans. Very friendly guy, I asked him if there woud be a dawg walk. He said he was not sure. He also said he was very excited to jump on a plane and see the plane filled with UGA fans.

Also Arizona has no idea what they are in for.

Andrew said...

We want Pulpwood!

Dog44 said...

I'm a bit nervous, too, but not about the o-line so much. I don't think you can categorize Vance as "3rd string" if the coaches start him above Tripp. It simply means he beat out Tripp to move into "2nd string" (if you still count Sturdivant.) Searels has earned my trust until I have reason to doubt him.

What does make me nervous is playing another team (2nd week in a row) that is fuming mad and eager to prove themselves against the "mighty Bulldogs." There's nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal (or Sun Devil, as the case may be.)

As for Chick-fil-A, the local owner-operators all over the country are going to cheer for their home team wherever they are... as you would expect. But there are many UGA connections at the corporate office in Atlanta and there's no one there who would intentionally alienate the UGA fanbase. Boycott talk is silly.

See you in Tempe. Go Dawgs!

A-Phiz said...

When is the team headed out there?

We need to go out there and hit them early. We can not go out there playing conservative and keep them in the game.

Hunkering Hank said...

I wish they'd let me play.

I'm having Chick-fil-a for lunch.

It's off to the game with the wife tomorrow.

I can barely concentrate.


Anonymous said...


The team leaves for the desert Friday morning. I'm with PWD, I would have liked to see them leave a little sooner. Everybody enjoy the game out there!

Kevin said...

I've been here in Arizona since Saturday and am flying 2 Georgia flags on my rental car. I've seen more than 10 other cars with Georgia flags on my way to and from the Grand Canyon. And some nice Dawg fan is flying a "G" flag on the floor below me here in Sedona.

When I was driving up to Sunset Crater, I stopped to pay the park fee and the Ranger asked me "what's the flags for?" I said, "I'm here to seem my Georgia Bulldogs play Arizona State."

"oh," he said in a subdued reply and handed me my map. Not everyone seems to get this College Football stuff out here.

Holler "Go Dawgs" if you see me. (Not sure why everyone says 'holler" but it seems to be there thing).

Anonymous said...

I really need to hear Pulpwood's take on the dry heat and gold out. Please...

montgomeryaldawg said...

"Gold out"?

That there's real funny!

Gold with A LOT of red. They have NO IDEA! Go Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

To everyone lucky enough to go to the game: Please yell extra loud at ASU's offense for the many thousands of us not there!

Anonymous said...

Boycott Chick-fil-A? I doubt that's even humanly possible.

HiAltDawg said...

I posted late last night and forwarded the e-mail to PWD. I got a "gold-out" e-mail from asu "athletics" about the "gold-out" as an asu season ticket holder, I get about as much stuff from them now as I do from attending ABAC twenty years ago.

My prediction: asu fans will think it's a BRASS-OUT when they see Rennie Curran lighting ball-carriers up. BRASS-OUT as in BULLDAWG BRASS BALLS--but that's every game!!

Laying the 6.5 and rollin' into tempe Friday riding on a pale horse and figure BULLDAWG HELL follows!


p.s. florida sucks

Darryl Strawberry said...

I ate Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It was delish.

We cruise in and CRUSH the Sun Devils. 38-14.

HOW BOUT EM!?!?!!!!

Uga VII in '08 said...

I-Tripp? More like Journi!

Gold Out? How silly. I wouldn't be worried either.

I'd as soon take a check from my own mother before I boycotted Chick-fil-A. Neither one is going to happen.

I sure hope they bring enough ice for UGA VII. That dry heat will make it melt quickly.

Ross said...

I heard a nasty rumor. Real nasty.

Is it true that only beer and wine are permissible under Arizona law? You can't drink liquor?

Seriously. What year is it? A woman is running for VP, a black man for President, but Arizona doesn't permit liquor?

Tell me I'm wrong.

A-Phiz said...

Ross, that is true.

cltdawg said...

Boycott Chick-fil-a? That facist.

Ross said...

Well then what exactly happens if you break this law? I mean is it really possible to goto jail for drinking Pucker? Or having some Kahlua?

ugagirl24 said...

Talked to Pulpwood. Says he will not be sharing his thoughts on this game. But he will for Bama. Maybe he'll change his mind, but he did say we'll go out there and take care of business!

brad said...

Gold out? That sounds like something out of a Austin Powers movie. I like goooooooold....signed Goldmember.

ej said...


You know Pulpwood addresses the team before the game after Richt says his piece.

A-Phiz said...

I love how they are still talking about us not being able to handle the heat. Guess they don't remember that we just played a game where it was 94 degrees with a heat index of around 103.

Rep us well out in Tempe guys. GOOOOO DAWGS!!

Kris said...

well if they ever come to georgia we could have a "silver out" lol


Chris said...

Kris, they come to Athens next year on September 26th so never know lol Silver Out...wouldn't that be interesting!

Chris said...

interesting tidbit from Chris Fowler's SEC Column on ESPN right now: "I had hoped to compare the Trojans to the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend after doing "College GameDay" from Tempe, but Arizona State's collapse on Saturday night at the hands of gritty UNLV put that plan on hold. Maybe next weekend in Athens."

So it looks like they have their eyes on gameday being at BAMA/UGA...still gotta beat the Sun Devils though!

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