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September 9, 2008

SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. Georgia - A big offensive performance against a lousy defense.  They still look like they are daydreaming at times because in the first two games, they can.  That nasty schedule starts Saturday in Columbia.
2. Florida - I was going to put them at three, but that last second field goal moved them up to number two.  Why can't that team run the ball?  Any time they score under 30, there should be an investigation into misappropriation of talent. 
3. LSU - The temporarily homeless Tigers have another scrimmage to play before heading to Auburn.  See you then, Tigers.
4. Auburn - Auburn still hasn't given up a point.  They no doubt have offensive problems, but their defense will keep them in every game.  Tony Franklin better get the offense figured out before LSU arrives.  Mississippi State should provide a better gauge for that offense.  So far, no one's happy with it.
5. Alabama - After the Tulane game, I'm leaning to the "Clemson was that bad" side of the Alabama debate.  Their offense should have been able to grind out 21 against Tulane, but they had to rely on the specialty teams instead.  The Tide should roll until they get to Athens on the 27th.
6. Ole Miss - Played a great game against what appears to be the ACC's best, but lost.  Snead had a brilliant play to take the lead, but Wake engineered a methodical drive to win it.  They have talent enough to legitimately threaten the western powers.
7. Vanderbilt - Vandy gets its biggest win in Nashville since 1992 by beating the Cocks.  Enjoy the seven spot while you can.
8. Tennessee - The Vols can redeem themselves against Florida, but they have to function better on offense.  I still think teams can outscore UF, but they have to do it with power running and deep passing.  Tennessee, in the past, has been that type of team.  Clawson, can you hear me?
9. Kentucky - I know nothing about UK and I won't for several weeks.  The 'Cats should be 4-0 heading to Tuscaloosa when October rolls around.
10.  South Carolina - The Cocks have to deal with the shame of a loss in Nashville while prepping for the Dawgs.  This game is always a big fistfight, but without Kenny McKinley, is Carolina going to have any punching power?
11. Mississippi State - Beat Southeast Louisiana, which makes them 1-1 against the minor Louisiana football programs this year.
12. Arkansas - They are a mobile home in Kansas during a tornado warning.  Everyone should take the wedding photos and seek alternate shelter.  Be very frightened Hawg fan.  Your last win may have come Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Ole Miss is still without their two best players in Hardy (DE) and Jerry (DT). Hardy, when healthy is one of the 3 best players in the SEC. They will be scary in the West.

82 said...

A little about KY: they have a lot of speed on defense and like to hit. The D alone outscored Lou's offense (one of the highest scoring offenses last year) 14-0. Wont be as much a pushover as people thought, they are young at qb but still have 2 good backs in Locke and Dixon as well as Dicky Lyons.

ty webb said...

Auburn still hasn't given up a point? Who gave up the 13 that USM scored in the Auburn-USM game?

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