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September 19, 2008

We're here and we're everywhere

You can't throw a rock in Arizona without hitting a Dawg Fan. Everyone I talked to flew in on planes loaded with Dawgs. I've run into our people in Phoenix, Sedona and Williams, AZ. We're definitely representing ourselves well. Coolest thing I've seen so far was Montezuma's Castle on the way up to Sedona; although, sunset in Sedona was pretty amazing. The Canyon is next.

About the heat down in Phoenix today. Yes. It's hot. Damn. Hot. But it's not the miserable, sticky hot that we're used to. You can actually walk around in it without feeling like you're going to need hosing off afterwards. It's no where remotely close to as miserable as last Saturday in Columbia, SC.

This is my first trip to the Southwest desert, and I really didn't know what to make of the "dry heat" stuff before I got out here. I think it will be much easier for our guys to deal with this dry heat than it will be for ASU to deal with our humidity next season. As long as the players hydrate properly on Saturday, the heat issue shouldn't be a problem. Especially in the second half when the temps will drop about 10 degrees.

But hot is hot. All of you who have been asking me about tailgating in Tempe on Saturday...the won't want to do that. Mill Avenue is right there by the Stadium. Boozing indoors in front of big screen TVs is good times. Boozing on asphalt parking lots that are baking your feet is bad times.

The quasi-official party on Saturday is at Gordon Biersch on Mill Avenue. However, that place only holds 600-1,000, and there are 12,000 to 20,000 of us. The overall party will be all over Mill. You won't be able to miss your fellow Dawgs.

Have fun everybody. For now, I'm out. Gotta sleep.



Anonymous said...

So what you're saying's some sort of "dry" heat.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and bring home a winner. The Grand Canyon is amazing - the most impressive thing I have ever seen. Though in fairness, I have not seen The Great Wall or the Pyramids.

Go Dawgs.

Nathan said...

I've drank outdoors in the desert heat. It's a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE idea ... that everyone should do at least once, just to simulate what dying must feel like.

Mikey in AZ said...

This might be helpful for those travelling around PHX this weekend. It's a map of potential freeway closures.

Have a good time at the game.

UgaMatt said...

Been there too Nathan. I cannot stress enough how much not of a good idea that is.

Chris said...

Speaking as a Dawg fan who lives in the desert (Vegas), if you are going to drink... just alternate between booze and water. Do that and you will be fine. We are headed down that way tonight!


Mackalicious said...

Paul, any chance you could post some pictures of a bunch of Dawgs who have taken over a bar or something like that so us guys stuck at home taking our wives to the opening night of Les Miserables even though I told her it would be there all week and we could go another night but NO she wants to go to opening night and screw me out of a trip out west...wait...where was I going with this? Oh yeah, so we can get a feel for the atmosphere out there?

I think it kicks ass we've got so many fans out there! Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

PWD, that whole tailgating outside bit... that reminded me of the Ski Instructor from the Aspen episode of South Park. If you pizza, when you are supposed to french fries, you are going have a bad time... Funny stuff, burning your feet and drinking is not fun.

Anonymous said...

Hydrate! May not feel like you're sweating, but you are.

skidawg1985 said...

The trainers really need to be on the players about hydrating. The dryness fools people into thinking they are not sweating.

Also, take something to wear; when the sun goes down it gets very cool there. Dry air does not hold heat. It can drop from 100 to 40 pretty fast. Not sure what the expected low is, but I have been to Phoenix where I was sweating during the day and then freezing at night sitting outside.

Sitting around a parking lot is a really bad idea. A buddy got blisters on his feet just from standing around on asphalt for a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

Right now, night time lows only get down to mid 70's. Game time will be about 94, and maybe drop to 85 by the 4th quarter, it really should be comfortable for the dogs.

Anonymous said...

For all The Georgia Fans, check out this site to see where you can party in the Phoenix Metro area.

Jason said...

All the women here are fat, ugly, and pregnant.

Give me Athens, Auburn, TTown, or hell, even Columbia any day of the week.

Stacy said...

I am a physical therapist and I actually spoke with Ron Courson at Countdown to Kickoff and he said that team has an agressive hydration program anyway which begins every Thursday. As a California native, I've been saying all along that dry heat ain't nothing, and I'm so glad that you are confirming that for me firsthand! I've enjoyed reading your blog over the season and appreciate all that you guys do. Pull them through for us!

Go Dawgs!

AuburnAllen said...

I was reading, can't remember where. But, the Dawgs defensive coordinator Willie Martinez was saying he compared the Arizona St QB Rudy Carpenter to Brett Favre when it comes to being able to scramble away from defenders. And I read Mark Richt was saying his pass percentage is up when teams were blitzing because he knows how to get rid of the ball quickly and knows what do to with the pass rush.

It appears you Dawgs seem to be a bit nervous and scared of this pathetic PAC 10 team who lost to UNLV. Which gets a lol. Relax Dawgs, You Dawgs will win this game by 27 points. My prediction is Georgia 48 Arizona St 19.

And Auburn wins by 10, Auburn 28-17

And Tennessee wins by, 4 Tennessee 26-21

Oh, and I was checking out that Gordon Biersch menu. Yum! That food looks pretty good. I had know idea they had one in Midtown Atlanta on Peachtree near the Fox.

Anyway, I've had a few drinks tonight and I'm getting excited for the Auburn vs. LSU game tomorrow night. And also, I should mention, my baby sister who is attending school at UGA is going to a UGA beat ASU party tomorrow night that is suppose to have over 100 UGA students.

Ok... you Dawgs out in the Desert. Have fun and be safe. And kick some PAC 10 ass. Don't come home without a win.

AuburnAllen said...

oh and btw...

Call me crazy. But, I'm taking Troy and the points vs Ohio St.

This might sound really crazy but I think Troy can beat Ohio St. And I seriously doubt Ohio St. can even win by 10. Money in the bank for me.

mikedawg said...

Hey any dawg fans willing or able to help out I'm looking for 2 tickets (don't need to be together) anywhere to get 2 babies (16 & 11 months) in the Alabama game. I know I may get ripped for this but also know REAL dawg fans are always willing to help!!

Anonymous said...

AuburnAllen, you probably need to recheck your math. I know addition and subtraction are pretty tough concepts to learn, but in the long run it will pay big dividends. I think the over/under combined points in the Auburn-LSU should be 20.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how I could watch the game on the internet?

JasonC said...


Looks like ramen and chef-boi-ardee for you this week?

Anon 1:12,

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