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November 1, 2008

Why I Turned Off Commenting

First off, Quinton didn't have comment lock ability or we would've locked commenting earlier. I only deleted extreme whack job profanity that I saw during a quick skim of the posts. All in all, the comments weren't that bad.

Before I get into why I locked commenting, I just want to say this. Today sucked. Anyone who has given their time or money to support the program has the right to be pissed, angry, disappointed, etc. And if you're a Gator, you have the right to gloat. A lot.

If you interpret those "rights" as a license to deliver drunken rants and raves in favor of or against the Dawgs after a loss, there are message boards, bars and front yards for you to blow off steam.

But I'm too swamped with work and travel to delete the profanity and referee the inevitable personal attacks that fall out of those colorful exchanges. So I cut off the comments for a few days until everyone has a chance to cool off a bit.

Said differently -- I don't worry much about our regulars. It's the guys that hit the site via Google and post hit and run tirades that cause me 98% of my headaches.

We could all use a pause.

Lastly - I realize I didn't post much of note last week. The dynamics of my professional situation have changed a bit in terms of work load and travel*. If you've read the blog for a long time, you know the frequency and depth of the posts goes through peaks and valleys. It will always be like that. It is what it is. I appreciate your understanding, your readership and your feedback.



*No worries dad.


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