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December 14, 2008

Auburn's Savior is ... Gene Chizik? Seriously? No, Really?

So, Auburn fires a guy who won a conference crown and went undefeated to hire a guy who's gone 5-19 in his two years as a head coach. Wow.
Chizik has a decent defensive background. He was, after all, the defensive coordinator for that 2004 Auburn team. After he jumped ship to Texas in 2005, the Horns won a national title (although Vince Young had more to do with that than defensive scheme). Chizik had an excellent reputation after the Texas title. He was the Will Muschamp of 2006, but chose to leave Austin for Ames, Iowa in one of the odder coaching decisions I can recall. He was to be the savior of Iowa State, a historical bottom dweller that had inched its way up the Big 12 North standings in the mid-2000s under Dan McCarney. Chizik promptly returned the Cyclones back to the cellar. They didn't win a conference game this year.
It's not just the Barners who are confused by the hire. Paul Clark of provides a lengthy, searing indictment of Chizik, observing that "if Mike Sanford and Tom Amstutz and Doug Martin hand you your lunch with inferior talent, what's Saban going to do with superior talent?" Why stop there Paul? Chizik will also battle Richt, Miles, Nutt, Petrino, and now Mullen, every year. I'd take every one of those coaches over Chizik.
If this hire is as bad as most Aubs believe, this is an amazing reversal of fortune. Remember when the SEC writers thought Auburn would win the SEC West this year? Remember when people thought Tony Franklin's offense was going to blaze throught the conference? Not only did that not remotely come true, every bit of news that came out of Auburn this season stunk of incompetence, boiling politics, and fear. I can sort of get that they wanted to improve their head coach because of what Saban did this year. I don't agree with the decision, but I at least can understand the sentiment. But, one would want a better coach than Tubs to properly execute the switch. By what calculus is Gene Chizik better than Tommy Tuberville?

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Gen. Stoopnagle said...

Saw it scrolling yesterday on the bottom line and thought: which jack-ass broadcast news major from North Alabama working at the sportsdesk in Anniston broke this one?

Then it's true! And Christmas has come early to the Stoopnagle's! You mean Georgia gets to match up against teams coached by Kiffykins and Chizik Nickels? EVERY YEAR? Thank you Little Baby Jesus!!!


rbubp said...

Perhaps Chizik can prove for the second time in his career that his predecessor actually accomplished quite a bit more than the average for the program and never should have been let go.

Maybe after he gets fired at Auburn he'll go to Penn State.

rbubp said...

Everyone needs to read the Paul Clark article.

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