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December 14, 2008

You see...what I meant was....

Gene Chizik on the move from Auburn to Texas:
"I left Auburn because I thought The University of Texas was the best job in the country and I think Mack Brown is the best coach in the country. You come to a crossroads in your career when you've got to make a decision that's the best for your family and yourself."
-- BurntOrangeBeat 01/01/2006

Gene Chizik on the move from Iowa State to Auburn:
"Through my travels in coaching over the last 23 years, there's one place that I've always wanted to return to and that is Auburn," Chizik said. "The tradition of the Auburn football program combined with the passionate fans and their love for Auburn are second to none. My family and I are Auburn through and through, and look forward to being part of the Auburn family and community."
-- Official Auburn Statement 12/13/2008
So...he's really excited to be there. Unless something better opens up.



A-Phiz said...

Money speaks louder than words.....Sure the talent base for Iowa St. is not nearly what it is in Auburn but what makes them think a guy who drove a program further into the ground is the best choice?

Will said...

Probably the same sort of insanity that caused them to let Tuberville go.

Ryan said...

As much as I really hate to say it: This sucks.

Auburn has essentially made itself as relevant as Kentucky in this whole thing. I think we will have to wait a few years to really see it come to fruition, but I really think that this is a sad day for the SEC. Although the dynamic between UGA and Auburn just changed highly in our favor, the best conference in college football just lost one of its recent perennial powers. It may not be this coming year, but watching the recruits "jump ship" for "better" programs outside of the SEC will mean even a higher dilution of talent than the record level already happening. Soon it won't be that outrageous to see Ball State in the title game...

The sky is not falling in college football just yet, but I would not want to be a student there for the next 5 years.

rbubp said...

Where is Ron Zook when you need him?

On top of the already-stated points about Chizik's mediocrity and lack of name recognition, he's a DEFENSE guy. So they just hired Tuberville Light.

What a bunch of dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

Why is GSB to obsessed with the Auburn coaching fiasco. Give me some posts about last night's Gala or something...

blackertai said...

I don't think you can truly pick on Auburn for this, either. You can pick quotes like this from almost every coach out there. I'm sure Richt was interviewed while he worked at FSU and said something akin to "FSU's the best place to be in the country." While I'm no Auburn fan, it just feels wrong to point out this obviously hypocritical statement, because it's something the coaching profession is built on.

JasonC said...

I agree with blackertai on this one, tell me you haven't acted a little more excited than you really were about a job you were interviewing for.

Also, saying 'going back to AU is great' is also a nicer way to say, "I really wanted to get the hell out of the dump known as Ames, Iowa."

Paul Westerdawg said...


The Gala was boring, but I was glad I went. I sat next to the coolest player I've ever sat next to. Otherwise, it was blah.

Dad and I had a few beers, and that part was fun. No dynamic speakers this year.

Logan Gray is being recruited by all the position coaches, and Rennie became (to the best of my knowledge) only the 2nd defensive MVP as a soph of my lifetime (Pollack being the other).


Paul Westerdawg said...


I only post it because it annoys Auburn people. The concept of hiring an "auburn man" is important to them.


C J said...

Sounds like he and Bobby Petrino would get along really well.

Gen. Stoopnagle said...


I wouldn't worry about the state of the SEC. Even if the teams in the SEC are down overall (which they are this year), the teams that win in this league are still going to carry a lot of the collective credit forward. I assume folks worry about the "best conference" debate because they want their team to benefit from the association when it comes down to choices for the BCS. Otherwise, I think it's pointless chest-thumping.

For me, a sucky, f'd up AU is a good thing. They can't steal Georgia HS talent and they go into the win column with less difficulty. That all win in my book. Afterall, we're what? 4 games down in the series after 3 straight wins? This seems like a good time for us to get ahead not just on points, but in wins vs. AU.

Great! Hire!

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