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January 27, 2009

Butts-Mehre Expansion

Speaking of the facilities arms race. As you've probably read, UGA is expanding the Butts-Mehre building. Above is another rendering I found that shows it pretty well.



Anonymous said...

20 yards of indoor practice space?

HVL Dawg

Paul Westerdawg said...

It's not an indoor practice facility.

It's more of an artificial turf area for entertaining and if they wanted to stage something small...not a full practice...they could.

The facility includes expanded weight rooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms, and a bad a$$ rehab facility.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Butts-Mehr, is there some program you have to have to see the photos of it on All I get are red Xs.

watcher16 said...

Paul...any word on if it will be comparable to Oregon's?

See 7:50 mark here:

and here:

Paul Westerdawg said...

Without watching that video, I can tell you no. There's generally nothing as over the top as Oregon.

bdawg said...

This is bad PR timing. I am not one of those folks who scream about coaches salaries vs Professor's salaries because I understand that Athletic Association is a seperate entity and has seperate funds. But I can see the headlines now: Budget Crisis and lay offs coming in 2010, but new athletic facilities are being built.

I understand, I think most folks who bother reading this blog understand, but the general public won't understand.

Heck, I still thinks it looks kinda bad.

Anonymous said...'s part of Damon's Stimulus package for Athens

Jarred said...

Not that we were too worried, but the U has hired a new O-Coordinator.

skidawg1985 said...'s part of Damon's Stimulus package for Athens

Comment: at least it is being done with private money and not taxpayer money or "borrowing" from generations on down the line.

Anonymous said...

ski - is it being done completely with private money? Are they issuing any bonds secured with the TV funds?

Just curious, because I do not know and I am not trying to start anything.

However, I am slightly skeptical that the we will see all of the SEC projected TV contract money.

Until the economy turns around, there will be enormous pressure on companies that pay big money for "unnecessary" or non-core/fundamental business expenses. Much to chagrin to the sports fans out there, this will include the $$ spent on sports sponsorships.

Several of the companies that accepted bailout money yet continued to big promotions around bowl games had lots of bad press. Even companies that are not part of the bailout are going to take some heat if they lay off huge #'s but continue to pay millions to sponsor sporting events. Just watch what happens to Sprint or Home Depot or Catepillar or GM in the next few weeks. They are big NASCAR sponsors.

If companies continue to pull back on sponsorship/ad money, it will be hard for CBS and ESPN to make those contracts work which could lead them to try to restructure the deals to give less money to the schools.

skidawg1985 said...

Not that we were too worried, but the U has hired a new O-Coordinator.

Get your Charmin jokes ready UF and FSU fans!

Bernie said...

The money used for this expansion reflects years of funding, assets and profits. Anyone who complains about it is stirring an empty pot and trying to make a mountain out of ......nothing.

Get a grip.

bdawg said...

The Athletic Association is the most profitable one in the country. Something like $25 million last year if I am not mistaken.

Damon should run the stimulus plan.

Seth said...

How about renaming the building as part of the expansion? Whenever I have friends/family in Athens, they can't believe that "Buttsmear" is the actual name of a building. I don't care what we rename it--anything is better than the current name.

turfboss said...

How about viewing these installations as something that pays for itself in the first 4 to 5 years based on savings in maintenance costs and hence (from a field standpoint) saves some 50% over the long haul. Yes, they are more expensive up front but the ROI and COO figures make them a viable option.

Anonymous said...

The cost of contruction these days is down due to the lack of construction going on everywhere. If UGA has the money to do it, now actually is a good time. Construction projects are 15-20% cheaper than 2 years ago.

The Watch Dawg said...

I don't see any point in complaining about spending money on the facilities. Some people have commented as if we're putting more money into athletics than academics, but the new Medical school is being built, even despite cutbacks on faculty and increased class sizes. The construction of Tate II student center has continued without delays, and don't forget that enormous Art school that was just completed last year. The athletic facilities expansions are very proportionate with everything else on campus.

turfboss said...

And - now that there are cost effective alternative solutions to the potential problems with the hazardous materials in the leaded turf fibers and the crumb rubber and crumb rubber/silica sand infills we have a chance to help the environment as well as the health and safety of the children and athletes who use these fields - they can even be used in coastal areas - no more pollutants - fertilizers or pesticides and we save water and mowing as well. We are in the turf business but we have an EcoSafe, Environmentally Sustainable and Totally recyclable solution - no lead - no carcinogens - no off gassing - no urethane's - denser fibers uses less infill makeing it less expensive - saves thousands of dollars in hazardous waste handling charges when the turf is replaced in 12 to 15 years. visit our website at or for more information send me an e-mail at .

Anonymous said...

Why put all that money for an expansion and the other athletic teams dont have a clubhouse to call there own

Anonymous said...

I was one of the subcontractors working on the floor system for the offices. This place is gorgeous. They have two review rooms with panorama format movie screens (12-14 foot wide), 5 rows of movie style seats. The turf area is big enough to run some drills, while the coach can overlook the whole affair from balconies adjacent to his offices.
The subfloor system to sound-barrier the offices cost over quarter-million. it's a feat of engineering and a awesome addition to the facilities.

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