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January 5, 2009

Dan Magill Talks about the Tech Rivalry

Coach Magill is the original UGA sports information director, the greatest collegiate tennis coach of all time, the greatest UGA football historian and generally a damn good dawg. Plus, he hates Tech more than almost anyone alive.

Check out this Bulldog Illustrated video interview with Magill. He talks about the sources for the true bitterness of the rivalry. My favorite part is the bit about the 1919 UGA Homecoming float.

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NCT said...

My dad was on Dan's first tennis team at UGA (before it became a dominating force) and was employed by Dan in the Sports Information Department when he was a student (along with being a stringer for the ABH - my older brother's birth announcement appeared in the sports section). I remember coming home to Reed Hall from classes my freshman year and finding my roommate freaking out because Coach Magill had called to see how I was settling in.

A damn good dawg, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I had half the memory at one third the age of Mr. Magill.

thanks for the link that was a great interview.

Anonymous said...

i love hearing that the students and the band use to line up at the arch before the games and then would all storm down to the stadium.

I really wish we'd do that again.

Russ said...

Dan Magill is an absolute treasure. Thanks for posting this link.


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