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January 30, 2009

Finebaum Ripped Into Kiffin

In case you missed it, Paul Finebaum tore into Lane Kiffin on Wednesday. My favorite paragraph:
Since arriving at Tennessee in December, Kiffin has gone on a spending spree that rivals the recent government bailout of Wall Street. He's been hoarding assistant coaches, making unprofessional comments about other schools, and, in the process, is well on his way to becoming public enemy No. 1 in the SEC without having coached a game.
The funniest part is that Finebaum says Lane Kiffin is such a nut that he's basically on the path to vindicating Al Davis' rant about Kiffin. After terminating Kiffin, Davis called him immature and a "flat out liar." Per Finebaum:
[Davis'] behavior at the news conference, which was carried live on ESPN, came off more like a You Tube video of the Unabomber than the man who owns an NFL franchise and has three Super Bowl trophies.

" I just couldn't go on much longer with what I would call the propaganda, the lying that had been going on for weeks and months," Davis said.

Most concluded a straight jacket was the only solution to Davis' problems.
Now...not so much per Finebaum. Here are some highlights from the Davis conference.



clemson '91 - i hit a clemhole with a cup said...

I'm terrified of Kiffin honestly. He came in and immediately started going after every other school's top recruiters. The best way to break up dynasties is to go after players/coaches from those dynasties.

Plus he flew to meet with Marlon Brown the day he was hired which shows he isn't playing around with recruiting (Brown was very impressed by this gesture)

I have been a Raider fan for 30+ years and was convinced that his firing was the most unjust of all Evil Al's. Kiffin had the Raiders playing decent ball (considering the talent level) and it seems he was not afraid of Al's B.S.

I keep hearing UGA fans taking bad about Kiffin and saying he will be a bust...I totally disagree. This guy is young and has serious football knowledge. I have a feeling he will become an SEC fixture for 20+ years with the Volmits.

Plus he now brings NFL experience to the league (something UGA coaching staff is seriously lacking)

eldiablo said...

i hope he doesn't have a "decided schematic advantage" like charlie weis.

clemson 91 - i hit a clemhole with a cup said...

Eldiablo...funny comment.

Not sure how funny you will think it is when Monty Kiffin's defense starts coming after Cox in Knoxville.

Monty Kiffin or Willie Martinez? Pretty clear UT now has a far superior defensive mind than UGA.

JT said...

Monte Kiffin is roughly 90 years old. He has no proven trac record of being able to relate to college kids. Also, can he simplify his defense? He now has a limited number of practice in which to instill a very complicated defense to a bunch of kids.

I would be surprised if Marlon heads to UT. Being the number one target for Nick Stephens might be a tough sell.

Sky's Place said...

I was at Georgie in the 90's and remember a football player describing the difficulty Marion Campbell had in trying to coach our players. Basically, the Swamp Fox couldn't bring it down to a level that a 19,20,21 year old kid could grasp.

I'm not saying Monte Kiffin is Marion Campbell, but I'm hoping that the generational and football acumen disparity causes the Vile defense to take a step back.

Face it, Chavis was never the problem on Rocky Top.

skidawg1985 said...

What is up with Finebaum questioning Kiffin on the 76 yard field goal attempt? Silly maybe, but the NFL is so stodgy I actually like that idea. Did the other team return the missed kick for a TD?

As for this mess about UT not having anyone with a UT background on its staff, I think this is way overblown.

Aside from grad assistants how many UGA grads/players are on the coaching staff? What about UF? What about USC?

As long as the coaching staff understands some of the aspects of the traditions and does not make big changes, they will be fine. For instance, RichRod got into some hot water for giving the #1 jersey to a non-WR. Now if Richt tries to change UGA to a poodle, then I will be the first to call for his head! (It might be interesting to see what happens now that the English bulldog is being changed).

BTW, on the UGA staff, there is 1 UGA alum (Bobo). 2 are Auburn alums, one from Ole Miss, 2 from Miami.

Anonymous said...

Finebaum nailed it. But the fact that he's a UT alum makes it even more hysterical.

Kiffen: "Not only do we have the best recruiters in the SEC but some of the best in the country. To be able to take South Carolina's recruiting coordinator, Mississippi State's recruiting coordinator, Alabama's best recruiter and Auburn's best recruiter over the past 10 years was a great accomplishment for us."

Seriously? Who the hell says that?

Why should anyone be afraid of these clowns now?

Money can't buy you love. Not in the SEC. I'm glad somebody actually has the guts to call out a program in such an honest--but funny--manor.

Finebaum's a hoot.

But watching the news out of Rocky Top this year is going to be almost as funny as watching 'Dumb and Dumber' for the first time.

Ben Martin said...

There are actually 2 UGA alums on the UGA staff...BMac and Bobo.

Anonymous said...

Kiffin , Chivitz, I love these new SEC coach hirings . "I'm terrified of Kiffin honestly" - You have got to be joking . UT & Agburn will be looking for new coacheds in 2 years if not sooner . Kiffin's wife is very hot, though

Hobnail_Boot said...

I am impressed by Tennessee, as they have managed to accomplish what I previously thought impossible.

They hired a coach who is an even bigger dbag than Fulmer.

Kiffin is gonna set the Vols back 20 years by the time he is done.

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