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January 12, 2009

Super Recruit to play on ESPN2

All-Universe basketball recruit Derrick Favors' South Atlanta High School team will play on ESPN2 on Jan. 15th at 9:00 pm. Favors will face DeMarcus Cousins in Mobile, Ala. They are two of the highest rated big men in the 2009 recruiting class according to and

Favors is the front runner for ESPN's Mr. Basketball nationally, and UGA and Tech appear to be among the favorites in his finalist list. As recently as Jan. 6th, ESPN predicted that Favors would end up in Athens. Many other "gurus" think he's a Tech lean. Who knows.

Signing Favors could create some wiggle room for Felton. It becomes much more difficult to bitch about Felton's recruiting if he signs Thompkins and Favors in back to back classes. He would certainly be able to tell a story around recruiting momentum.



Anonymous said...

If Favors goes to UGA, it will be to play with his friend (Thompkins) and will have little to do with Felton.

Even if Favors does decide to play with UGA (doubtful), it will likely only be for a year anyway, so there is no sense in delaying the inevitable with Felton and the future status of this team over the whims of a 17 year old recruit.

Felton has guided us out of an embarrasing moment in UGA basketball, but it's time to build the program, not sustain it.

dawgnotdog said...

A person VERY connected to the program told me on Saturday that Felton has already been told that Favors will NOT be factored into any retention decision.

mitch said...

Favors decision should have 0 effect on getting rid of felton. One recruit doesnt change 6 crappy years.

Anonymous said...

I think that game is in Bartow arena in Birmingham. I heard them talking about it on Birmingham radio the other day. I'm not taking the time to research it though. (30 seconds)

Dubbayoo said...

Even if Felton signs him he appears to be one of those "one and done" players anyway. In that sense it shouldn't buy Felton any extra time.

Anonymous said...

when is signing day for basketball?

Anonymous said...

When is signing day? I think it is April 15th or thereabouts. Approximately one month after we make a call on/fire Felton.

Anonymous said...

There already was an early signing period as well

Anonymous said...

REPOST THE GATOR POOP PIC! It's classic. I will never read this blog again if you back down now!

Nathan said...

@Anonymous - actually, Favors coming to Athens would have little to do with his relationship with Thompkins and everything to do with his relationship with Felton. Favors mother, in particular, like Felton a lot and that's why Derrick is still considering Georgia.

At this point, whichever Georgia school doesn't fire their head coach basically guarantees themselves Favors will be on campus for a year.

Paul Westerdawg said...


You are wrong.

Paul Westerdawg said...

> I will never read this blog
> again if you back down now!

Dude - I doubt it. You aren't man enough to stop reading this site.

I'm not caving to the commenters. I really don't give a sh*t (pardon the pun) one way or the other about that.

I doing what I'm doing because I've had my fun.

Anonymous said...

And I enjoy your fun, keep it up PWD

chris said...

My Dad has got to see that Florida Fan Picture! He's so mad he missed it, he's chewing nails. I assure you that he doesnt know her or any other Fl fans well enough to know who she is. What are the chances of getting it emailed?

Anonymous said...

Your Dad has just got to see a picture of a chick having shit herself? Really?

Anonymous said...

Add the word "Florida" in front of chick. Nuff said.

Darth Scooter said...

After watching the second half of the UT game I will be disgusted if Felton keeps his job for any reason. Even the announcers kept talking about how after every time out UT would run a set play and score. While UGA on the other hand couldn't even in bound the ball. I'm no basketball expert, but I know ugly when I see it and I'm getting tired of looking at it.

Anonymous said...

UGA has a basketball team ........fooled me.

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