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February 17, 2009

Carl Johnson: Top 1% of 1%

The University of Florida's Carl Johnson was arrested for violating a sexual violence restraining order. His former girlfriend had him arrested after he was stalking her when she got off a campus bus. I don't blame her. The last person I would want to follow me off a bus is a 6-6, 330 pound offensive guard with a "sexual violence restraining order" on him. That's the stuff of nightmares. (Image:
If you think Carl just might have forgotten where he was and is really an innocent college guy, check out the Orlando Sentinel's write up on the allegations that girlfriend makes against Big Carl. She says Carl would "shake me, bite me and hit me" during "play fights." That doesn't sound like a play fight. It sounds like a real fight. She also says Carl's goal in life was to "shoot and kill someone." Those are the mild charges, by the way.
Let this be a lesson, Bulldogs. Gators do things well. When they play fight, they will do anything to play win. They don't just steal your laptop. They steal it and throw it out the window. They don't just steal anyone's credit card. They steal dead people's credit cards. They are intense. They are winners. Georgia players, however, are not. All they can do is violate traffic laws without the proper licensure and cause massive outcries from the AJC and ESPN.
The former Parade All-American should be looking to transfer real quick.


Anonymous said...

You should also read the comments sections on the article in the Sentinel. It is pretty funny at the nonchalant attitude towards a serious issue.

Anonymous said...

You stay classy, Gainesville.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time not saying something very nasty about Florida b/c as soon as you comment on other's stupidity, one of your guys does something equally idiotic.

All I'll say is I hope the trend continues in Gainesville.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:53 Normally I would agree, but when was the alst time you saw a Dawg get arrested for criminal acts like this? Scooter violations & a couple of DUI's are bad enough. But the type of stuff these thugs get arrested for is a whole other level of felonious behavior.

Stay classy Gainsville indeed

Anonymous said...

Wow. What's the over under on him remaining with the program? That's a serious question. We are talking about UF here.

Love the blog fellas, as always.

Anonymous said...

How does Florida get a pass on this crap? If this guy had gone to Miami, Stewart Mandel would need smelling salts and a plasma drip after writing a column of cosmic self-righteousness. Mark Richt is questioned like a Spanish heretic over traffic stops, yet no one says boo about how thugtastic Gator players are.

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