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February 7, 2009

Stacy Searels Named Running Game Coordinator

Coach Searels and Coach Bobo confirmed that Searels has been named running game coordinator for the Georgia Bulldog offensive. The Chattanooga Times-Free Press got the story. Both Searels and Bobo said that nothing will change in terms of responsibilities or how they work together.

When Auburn came after Searels, I thought this is how UGA might sweeten the deal to keep him here. Smart move by Richt as I'm sure it gives him more flexibility in terms of compensation adjustments in the future.

Bobo and Searels are quoted liberally in the article.



skidawg1985 said...

Pardon me, but just what the hell does this mean?

Is everyone going to be a coordinator eventually?

Paul Westerdawg said...

the article explains it.

watcher16 said...

What about the quote at the end about Marlon Brown not feeling Orgeron?

skidawg1985 said...

Sorry it just appears they gave him a fancier title whereas his duties will not change.

If it keeps Searels around, then okay.

Dubbayoo said...

is all this going to end up with us having 4-5 Assistant /CoordinatorHead Coaches In Waiting or something?

S.E. Dawg said...

As long as it keeps him at Georgia I'm fine with it.

Mike in Valdosta said...

No problem here.

Go to your local bank and see how many vice presidents they have.

It is just another form of deserved recognition for a fine coach and valuable member of the staff.

skidawg1985 said...

Mike, (Mike Rose by chance?)

At some point does that not dilute the meaning?

Paul Westerdawg said...


Who cares? He's going to do the same stuff as before and make more money so we don't lose him.

After that...who cares what his title is.

It's a common job title. OU was one of the first teams that I remember using it successfully to keep talent happy.

They also have used Co-DCs quite a bit. So has UF.

Who cares what their titles are as long as their is no confusion related to accountability or chain of command.

Read the article. There isn't any confusion in that area. Searels in that and other interview says Bobo calls the plays and does most of the scheming .... with consultation from Searels.


Anonymous said...

i thought searels ddint talk to the media?

706Dawg said...

About possibly losing someone. Buddy of mine who's a Cane fan came across this. Shannon has requested to speak with WM.

Mike in Valdosta said...

Thanks for the link 706.

I, however, came away with a different interpretation of the article. I understood it to say he spoke with Richt about pulling double duty as HC and Coordinator. The author speculated "he had to have asked to have a conversation with Martinez."

In any event, losing Martinez would NOT be a good thing. I understand the emotional need to blame someone for our disappointments. It is never easy to admit a team was better than you. Obviously our tackling was as poor as it has been in the Richt era.

I was hoping this controversy had ended, but if it is going to flare up again.... Who would replace him? Name one sure fire upgrade that will accept the job and be committed to the program for the long term. We may be able to get someone of greater caliber, but would they be committed, or would this be a stepping stone to a HC job or a return to the NFL?

If we were forced to replace Martinez, going young (Kirby Smart) is the long term answer. But that would create shorter term problems (Garner). It also would take a year or two for them to get the "sea-legs".

Martinez has done a great job for us in the past. Yes, there were some plays last year where we were out schemed. But the majority of big plays against us were due to missed tackles. I believe Richt has stepped up and taken the blame for our not tackling in practice and it having hurt us in the games.

Just my opinion, but I would prefer to keep our staff in tact and apply the lessons learned to UGA football and not Miami-Dade prison football.

rbubp said...

Yeah, when did Searels start actually speaking in public?

RC said...

As far as the job titles go, I see it kinda like on Cheers when Woody went to Rebecca and asked for a raise. Rebeca said she didn't have money in the budget for a raise, but she could give him the title of Assistant Head Bartender...

Paul Westerdawg said...

Searels spoke to the fans and then the media at the Butts-Mehre Signing Day Party.

ej said...

Assistant to the Regional Manager?

706Dawg said...

Mike in Valdosta.I agree with you whole heartedly about not wanting to lose WM. I never jumped on the fire WM band wagon! Staff continuity has always been one of Richt's strong points. Also, Martinez recruits that South Florida area which has so much talent(Jeff Owens, Geno, Carlton Thomas, Blair Walsh, and Mikey Moore). Hope like heck we don't lose him!

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