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March 25, 2009

Is that Score Wright? Dawgs Lose.

Yes, it's true. Wright State 8, #1 Georgia 5. In college baseball, it's not uncommon for a substantially less talented team to bite a big boy with just a couple of breaks. Wright State got boatloads of breaks in the 4th inning last night: an error, a balk, walks, three straight bunts, and some seeing eye singles.

Heading into the bottom of the 4th, it was Wright State 7, Georgia 2. Despite Perno's power outfield of Cerione, Allen and Davidson, the bats just couldn't get enough pop to get back in the game after that disasterous 4th inning. It happens. It's baseball.

Here are some other results from last night from the out-of-town scoreboard: Ohio State 7, #2 Miami 1 and Georgia State 10, #3 Georgia Tech 1.Frankly, if I had to select a mid-week game to lose, it would have been easy to pick the Wright State game.

The Diamond Dawgs travel to Tech tonight where lefty Jason Leaver will get the start. Leaver can strike batters out (15 Ks in 13 2/3 innings), but he's had control problems. The game is on CSS at 7:00 EST.

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UPDATE: It's an official rainout.  No makeup date yet.


Anonymous said...

Fire David Perno!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What Perno needs to do is find a lineup that works and stick with it! These kids can't get comfortable if they have to keep looking over their shoulders and wondering if they're in the lineup that day or out. Stop trying to please your young freshman stars and stick with the players who got you where you are now i.e. the veterans!

Uga VII in '08 said...

GA Tech rained out! I know why! Warm apologies. Rest up, know your next enemy.

Brent said...

wow, you would think this team had a losing record and was not ranked in the top 5 in most baseball polls based on the anonymous comments.

shut up, gain some perspective, and learn something about baseball. Perno has the problem/blessing of having to start several talented, but admitted green freshman who are bound to go through their growing pains at the plate. because of this, you have to shift the batting order around compensate for their shortcomings. also, these kinds of loses are common for elite teams who throw their 4th or 5th best starter during mid-week games. UNC lost earlier this year to to Coastal Carolina, Miami lost to Ohio State, and the NATS lost to Georgia State.

Maybe y'all should actually come to Foley Field and watch a game before you make judgments about Perno's job security.


Anonymous said...

I think they were kidding.

Anonymous said...

clearly you deserved the number 1 ranking in baseball about as much as you did in football

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