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March 27, 2009

The latest coaching rumor mill

Gillispie will likely be fired at any moment. After UK administration issued a denial earlier today that any decision had already been made, several Lexington TV stations have come back within the past hour and said a meeting will take place today that may seal Billy Clyde's fate.

Pat Forde, who lives in Louisville and understands the Big Blue landscape better than any other national writer, wrote an excellent piece for explaining how this messy marriage and soon to be divorce happened.

A couple of hours ago, Ian Rapoport put together a good link aggregation discussing the dominoes that may fall after UK makes their decision. The next move is on Billy Donovan. Will he go to Lexington? I think he won't, and he'll probably announce one way or the other pretty quickly. The Richmond Times thinks it's a possibility, and that interests Grant greatly. The Tuscaloosa News latest article talks about the lack of movement from Grant.

And Mike Anderson?
Before last night's game the St. Louis Post-Dispatch suggested that Missouri could offer Anderson around $6 million for five years. Surely, they'll offer more after last night's win, but they may not even been in the right ball park if Bama and/or UGA are willing to offer $12 million for six years.

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Anonymous said...

What about Sean Miller? I mean if not us, are ppl going after him now that he's out?

Anonymous said...

billy g just got fired...

wfdawg said...

So, the thought is:

If Donovan to UK,
Then Grant to UF
+ Bama and UGA battling over Anderson?

Anonymous said...

Orlando tv station reporting Donovan has resigned from gayturds.

Anonymous said...

Please don't spend $12 million for a coach.

Anonymous said...

If not Anderson, Gillispie would be a good fit at UGA.I think he could be a little cheaper too.

The Watch Dawg said...

Anon @ 4:00pm:

Why do you care if we spend 12 million for a coach? You're not paying for it, are you? I think it's a joke that some "UGA fans" act like they want to win in basketball, but at the same time say we shouldn't pay him well, and in the same breath lament that we don't take basketball seriously enough.

Anonymous said...

Are Sean Miller from Xavier, or Jay Wright from Villanova still possibilities? It seems like the circles are all talking about Anderson, and after what they did to Memphis, it's hard not to look at him as the prettiest girl at the ball. With Anderson a former UAB hc, I would think that UAT would be more attractive than UGA. I just think that Gillispie would be settling for less than UGA should get. Maybe I overvalue the job. The next couple of weeks are going to be fun.

ej said...

I don't like the way these coaching dominoes are falling. I think we might miss out on Grant and Anderson. UGA may eventually go after some coaches of the Miller/Wrigth variety, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of chatter about that right now. Of course, we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes with the search firm.

I'm going to go ahead and predict that we end up with Dave Bliss as our 2009-2010 coach.

/the sky is falling!!!

Paul Westerdawg said...

Given that Donovan rejected UK before their press conference was over, I like the way things are about to shake out.

matt b. said...

I certainly hope you are correct Paul. Mike Anderson is the coach I want for our program. No ill intent, but do you think Georgia's ahead-of-the-curve record with minorities in high-profile positions will help with Anderson? obviously the money wont hurt.

The Watch Dawg said...

Anthony Grant to Bama is now a done deal. Grant has agreed to take the job.

Good news for Georgia, Alabama will no longer be competing with us for a coach.

The Watch Dawg said...


Andy said...

Dave Bliss!!! HAHAHAHAHHA! 1+ ej, that was a good one, I laughed out loud! Not being sarcastic, that was funny.

Anonymous said...

Watch Dawg,

we can't afford to spend $12 million on a BB coach. In case you haven't heard Suzanne Yocalan is retiring. We need to spend the big money on her replacement.

If we were a BB school like UK then we would be justified spending that kind of money on a coach.

But let's face it, when people hear UGA, they don't think basketball, they think gymnastics. That's where we need to spend the big money.

Personally, I think we can get Mark Gottfried for next to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31....

The more beer you drink, the funnier you will think your comment was.

As for the rest of us....there isn't enough beer in the world to make us see any humor in it.

Hey, when is your prom?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31....,

You are stupid. That is all.

Hobnail_Boot said...

He's a Gator fan.

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