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April 7, 2009

LSU Fan Takes a Sunday Stroll

Friends of the Program has an amusing photo montage of an LSU fan quietly shuffling out of Foley Field Sunday.  Dantzler and the GXtra cameras caught this episode in their broadcasts, but couldn't convey the entire story.  For those of you in attendance, details would be appreciated.




Finally! Great camera work guys.

MaconDawg said...

I can only hope that somewhere in there he made reference to his damned strong baseball team and told the assembled masses to have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

he looks like a friggen nerd

Anonymous said...

At a college baseball game???

Anonymous said...

I hope some UGA fans present at this incident reminded this 25 year old virgin of the last three football meetings between the Tigers and Dawgs. All three beat downs.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Radi has a great series of photos from the game starting in Photo 45 at

So this was sitting near me, and he wouldn't shut up. Just relentless and WAY over the top in his talking sh*t about UGA.

Someone called the cops because he was being such a douche. The cop came over and asked him to dial it back a notch.

Everything would've been cool. But as the cop was about to stroll off he popped off one last time, and the cop had enough. He escorted him out.

This guy's version of the story online was that he did nothing wrong and wasn't misbehaving.

Radi's photos had him standing up and giving the Two Handed Middle Finger Salute to the entire UGA section. He of course has no recollection of this happening.


He didn't get tossed for cheering...which is his argument. He got tossed for being an a=hole.

The Watch Dawg said...

I was sitting in the section next to the guy. It was really hilarious when he got kicked out. At first the police officer just went up there to ask him to keep it down a bit, because he was being really loud and was offending a couple of people that had children. The officer started back down the stairs to leave the guy alone, but of course this guy was determined to act like a big shot, so he shouted something at the officer as he walked away (I couldn't make it out but it wasn't PG), which of course got him the boot.

Mitch said...

The picture where he is giving the entire crowd the bird is priceless. Lol, I hope he tries that in Sanford this fall and he will get his ass beat.

area said...

I was there, sitting in the general admission area to his left (the bleachers in the the right side of the pictures). He was truly one of the most obnoxious fans I've ever been around. I understand supporting your team, but he took it way, way too far. I have a feeling that had he not been lucky enough to have been removed from Foley against his will, he would have been on the receiving end of a beatdown courtesy of the UGA fans in his section. He was so bad the LSU fans around him didn't want to have anything to do with him. I was in line at a concession stand when he was ejected, so I don't know if it was any one thing he said that drew the attention of the UGA police. My guess is that it was his general demeanor (not to mention his foul mouth). I saw him getting thrown out on TV at the concession stand (GXtra coverage). The cops dragged him, struggling and yelling the whole time, right past me. Along with the other Georgia fans in line, I yelled 'Go Dawgs' and barked in his face as he was escorted out.

Hobnail_Boot said...

He was probably just ticked off that Foley doesn't serve corndogs.

Anonymous said...

Paul, where is he writing online?

Athens95 said...

Note the little girl in her dad's lap one row back. She looks 2 years old, 3 tops. Letting it rip in front of a 2-year-old: impressive.

Anonymous said...

I talked with the cop after the game. He was not arrested.

Allegedly the gentleman in question was being a pest before the start of the game.

From my spot, he was being an obnoxious fan until he said something to the cop that got him the boot.

Then a Georgia fan came over while the LSU guy was being walked out, a few pushes and shoved were exchanged and both fans were escorted out.

Not to defend the LSU baseball fans but the one's I've met before are nothing like the gentleman who was causing a problem.

This happened right after LSU took a 4-3 lead.

AppleDawg said...

You know it is bad when even LSWho fans are bad-mouthing him on the LSWho forums

That says a ton

Anonymous said...

+1 Hobnail.

It's like being at the Fair.

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure this guy isn't a Techie in disguise? He looks awfully nerdy to be an LSU guy.

Dawgstradamus said...

All accounts thus far are fair from where I was (2nd row above LSU dugout). I heard he got his in the parking lot behind left field, then wanted to press charges, but the cops were not hearing it.

Anonymous said...

this smacks of oconee county uptight snobbery. someone got thrown out of a game, gasp!


Bop said...

Yep, he got jacked outside the stadium beyond left field before the game by one of the tailgating regulars. I thought he was going to pick a fight with my 69 year old dad while walking up the stairs after he got punched. He deserved what he got.

And my guess is he wasn't drunk. I think it was meth.

Anonymous said...

I can't say too much. I got "ejected" from an Alabama flea market when I was younger.

mark said...

There's two credible possibilities. Since we know he likes to post online, there was an obnoxious LSU fan on the rivals baseball site that said he lived in Augusta or some place like that that was using "ugay" over and over and said he couldnt wait to see the dawgs take a beatdown. I wonder if he's noticed the last 3 football games?

The other is that there was also a loudmouth GT fan that says he lives in Athens and would be there on Sunday cheering LSU. Which is weird since he's only 60 miles away from possibly the biggest GT home series of the year on the same weekend. But there are certainly GT fans that get more of a kick out of UGA losing than their own team winning.

Anonymous said...

the funny part is he has no connection to LSU, he is from Georgia so hate your own!

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