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April 18, 2009

Matt Cerione Does It Again

For the second game in a row, Matt Cerione got a walk-off hit to guide Georgia to a 4-3 win over Arkansas. The final play involved Miles Starr scoring from first. After the game Perno said sending Starr home was a dumb play, but it worked out after the Arkansas catcher bobbled the perfect throw to the plate. Regardless, it was a helluva clutch hit by Cerione.

The Dawgs got excellent pitching today and some big breaks. Weather permitting the final game is tomorrow at 2:00 pm.



Watson said...

Watching it live on FS South it definitely looked like Starr was gonna be toast at the plate. But they showed the slo mo replay and the catcher didn't even get the tag down at the time. Not to mention that he dropped the ball had he even gotten the tag down in time.

The big break was that Arkansas took out their starting catcher (McCann) after the top half of the ninth and put that new catcher in his spot. Either way, Starr got lucky.

Anonymous said...

2 nights in a row, they took the catcher out, and a mistake was made.

I liked sending him....thought he made a great slide and was safe even without the drop.

Anonymous said...

Yeah echoing others sentiments, for some reason the catcher had a bit of a delayed reaction with his tag swipe and Starr was clearly safe anyway... although the ump didn't seem sure, looked like he didn't move until he saw the ball pop loose. But ya hafta wonder why they replaced their starting catching after he just had saved several possible wild pitches the inning before to keep it tied... found that odd to say the least, maybe the replacement was supposed to be the better defensive catcher ordinarily but he sure wasn't yesterday.

GATA Diamond Dawgs, let's make it a clean sweep and stay at least a couple games up on the league. When was the last time somebody repeated with back to back regular season championship crowns??

Anonymous said...

Just caught the replay on FSC, two things... first, the catcher was taken out because he was a righty and the Ark coach wanted the lefty vs righty Weaver matchup in the top of the 8th. And it sure as shat looked like the home plate ump was ready to call Starr out on the final slide had the replacement catcher not dropped the ball, even though Miles was safe, good thing they dropped it.

Anonymous said...

We may be in trouble down the stretch. All of the swings and misses are starting to catch up with us. We have faced mediocre pitching the last two days and have done nothing.

We have still got very good pitchers from Ole Miss and Scu coming up.

Glad we got 2 of 3, but our talent was vastly superior to Arkansas and we let the series be way, way too close. I hope we can pull out some wins down the stretch, but I am getting worried.

Also, the defense still sucks.

The Watch Dawg said...

I don't know if saying our talent is vastly superior is quite accurate. Arkansas is a very good baseball team, and I don't think it's really fair to the Dawgs or Arkansas to act like we should have just hammered them 3 games in a row.

Anonymous said...

Looking at Arkansas statistically, and now seeing them live, they are pretty overrated. They played out of their minds on defense, and I highly doubt they make it to a super-regional.

I don't think we should have smoked them, but 1 hit off a scrub with 4 or 5 career wins is just no good. We strikeout way, way too much and we cannot hide Demperio in the lineup anymore.

I hope that McCree will get his control back, but we still have to face some outstanding starters over the last few weeks, and if we can only muster 4 runs against what Arkansas threw out there on Sat and Sun, it raises some concerns.

Hey, at least it wasn't as bad as LSU totally wetting the bed against the garbage from Ufk, and 2 of 3 looks really good from the outside. RPI should be up to 6 or 7.

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