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April 27, 2009

UGA vs. GT Baseball at Turner Field (Tickets)

On Tuesday, May 12th at 7:00 pm, the Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will face off at Turner Field with a chance at hosting one of the larger crowds to ever watch a college baseball game. You can be a part of the action, and help raise money to support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA).

Tickets ($10/each) to the Spring Classic for Kids are available via the CHOA web site, Ticketmaster or on game day starting at 5:00 pm. The event is essentially a fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and last year they sold more than 23,000 tickets and raised more than $200,000. Here's where the money goes:
Proceeds from this event will go toward operating expenses for the intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) system, used to treat children with brain tumors and other neurological conditions.

Children's is one of only a few pediatric hospitals in the world to house this innovative, high-field strength technology, and was the first in the Southeast.. This sophisticated new technology enhances the view of a child's brain during surgery, which ultimately benefits both doctor and patient. But the machine is expensive and scarce, which is why fundraisers like the Spring Classic are so important. Children's is one of only a few pediatric hospitals in the world to house this innovative new technology.
I have friends who've relied on CHOA for treatment of rare infant illnesses, and they sing the praises for this organization. That's why the Georgia Sports Blog is sponsoring this year's event at the "Double Sponsor" level.

Top 10 Regular Season Attendance Dates (Per
    40,106—SDSU (4) vs. Houston, 2004, PETCO Park, San Diego
    28,836—GT (12) vs. UGA (5), 2004, Turner Field, Atlanta
    27,673—LSU (9) vs. Tulane (5), 2002, Superdome, New Orleans
    27,134—Triple Header, 2006, Minute Maid Park, Houston
    25,175—Long Beach St. (5) vs. SDSU, 2004, PETCO Park, San Diego
    23,984—Triple Header, 2007, Minute Maid Park, Houston
    21,995—Triple Header, 2005, Minute Maid Park, Houston
    21,724—Texas (6) vs. Rice (3), 2004, Minute Maid Park, Houston
    21,620—UGA (10) vs. GT (7), 2007, Turner Field, Atlanta
    21,343—LSU (9) vs. Tulane (5), 2004, Superdome, New Orleans
In this economy, you'll be hard pressed to find more affordable entertainment than this, and I expect both teams to be ranked extremely high for this game. Tickets purchased after May 5th, will need to be picked up at Will Call. I think the lines will be long on game day so my advice would be to buy in advance.



Unknown said...

Don't buy them early!!! I bought tickets for the Game AT Tech, and it was rained out. Did I get my money back? NOPE. It is raining all the time. So there is a chance this game gets rained out too!

Anonymous said...

I've actually worked with Children's Healthcare on a project involving the iMRI and it is nothing short of a lifesaving technology for kids. Amazing work. This is a great game for a great cause...Go Dawgs!

Scott H.

Unknown said...


The rain date is Wed, May 13th.

It's for Charity. Who cares if you lose $10 if it's for Charity?

Get serious.

Unknown said...

What's the deal on student tickets? I'll gladly donate the 10 bucks... I just want to see the game and make sure that everyone gets a ticket who wants one.

Unknown said...

It's general admission usually. And there are no student tickets. It's $10 for everyone unless you buy tickets in bulk.

$100 gets you 12 tickets and a parking pass or two
$250 gets you 30 tickets and several parking passes.

Check the sponsorship info.

Anonymous said...


You need to take yourself a little less serious. You're a blogger, not the second coming.

Unknown said...


I'm actually THE Blogger.

If you could just make note of that for the future, I'd appreciate it.

William Neilson Jr. said...

We really should have won that OM series. Such a let down and one that if we had swept, we really would have set ourselves up for an elite season

I am not sure we will get a national seed anymore unless we can finish strong

Anonymous said...

I went to a bunch of games back in 2006 when I went there, and it was awesome. I'm going this season and I really, really, hope that people will support it this year. If it's going to charity...this is a good one...might as well attend. Nothing feels as good as knowing that you are doing something good while beating up a bunch of nerds from the North Avenue Trade School(or any other redneck or gator based schools from the SEC).

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