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June 9, 2009

Bullet Dodged: Tim Floyd Resigns at USC

The other finalist for the University of Georgia head coaching job following the Jim Harrick fiasco was Tim Floyd. The rumor at the time was the UGA got very close to offering the former Chicago Bulls and Iowa State head coaching the job; however, some combination of Dooley, Damon and Adams got cold feet.

Dennis Felton was hired instead.

I'm sure Adams will gladly take credit for that decision now that Tim Floyd has resigned from Southern Cal in the wake of the O.J. Mayo recruiting scandal.

Had Floyd been hired here, I always thought he would've bolted after the first year rather than face the staggeringly huge rebuilding job of Year 2 Post-Harrick. Had he stuck around at UGA long enough to pull the stunts he allegedly pulled at Southern Cal to land Mayo, the NCAA would've thrown our basketball program under the jail.

One of the few good bounces for our basketball program over the past six years not involving tornadoes. Thank you Coach Felton for not leaving us on probation.

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RC said...

By extension Clemson dodged that same bullet. He turned down their job to wait out our search.

Mike In Valdosta said...

Oh yes, thank you for that, Dennis. Really, I guess the only embarrasment to us during Felton's time was the on-court basketball team. Oh yeah, that and running off your own recruits. Hooray.

Anonymous said...

Dude's got a ring.

dawgnotdog said...

We also are looking better for that whole deny admission to Robert Dozier thing.

Anonymous said...

Hard to leave a school on probation when you're signing the players no one else is after.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52, you can get big prospects by throwing money at them or allowing them in when their test scores are "fishy" even if you are not a big time basketball program (ask USC and Memphis)

Anonymous said...

I'd take Floyd if he could have landed us Mayo

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