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June 26, 2009

Dawg Fans Will Get Four Years to Ogle Ogletree

So, I told myself that I was done with recruiting this year, but since Paul is away, coverage falls to me.  UGA's recruiting efforts have picked up this month starting with Da'Rick Rogers and has now totaled six more recruits.  The latest is another headliner: Alec Ogletree of Newnan ($ subscription required $).  Rivals ranks him as the top safety in the country and the #29 player overall.  He's 6-3, 210 and runs a 4.55.  The commit was a bit surprising because Ogletree hadn't given many indications of where he was leaning.  Be glad he was tilted toward Athens.
Judging by this video, he can move and isn't shy at the point of contact.  (Warning: the video's music contains naughty words.  If you're sensitive, turn your speakers down, but don't close your eyes.)
It was the second commit in as many days.  Yesterday Treasure Coast, Florida linebacker Deon Rogers committed to the Dawgs.  Unlike Ogletree, Rogers had virtually no other BCS school offers, which has disturbed the recruitniks.  Hey, the coaches saw something and the kid is really fast (4.48).  He will need to add some weight to his current 197 pounds to play SEC football, but if he can keep that speed and tackle well, we can use him.
Others have cynically pointed out that Rogers may have gotten an offer because he is boys with Jeff Luc, another Treasure Coast linebacker with considerably more acclaim than Rogers.  As in the No. 8 player in the country.  Luc has appeared wide open so far, but it can't hurt that Rogers is already in the fold and can talk the Dawgs up to Luc for eight months.



Dubbayoo said...

Man, when he decides to go meet the ball he gets there in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Big Tree has been the best player at Newnan since he was a freshmen. He has a twin brother that, reportedly, has been offered by FSU. I expect Little Tree to end up at UGA one way or another.
Keep in mind that Alec has not really played a lot of football, he has played defense and a little special team only. For the past two years, Newnan would get such a lead that the starters would sit half the game. He has a lot more learning to do. But, he is the most adept kick blocker I have ever seen.
Proud to see him headed to Athens.

Anonymous said...

In Newnan's first 13 games last year, all wins, they gave up a TOTAL of 31 points, including 8 shutouts, 6 of those in a row.

They play in a crap region, but they did lay a 31-10 whipping on LaGrange.

Ryan said...

Definitely a hard hitter and the kind of attitude the defense needs.

What worries me, however, is his high tackling and poor form. Everyone loves the big hit and the crack of the helmet but when it comes down to making sportscenter or making the play which will he choose? There were all of 2 plays where he lines the kid up, picks him up and drives him back with a good solid tackle. The rest are bodyslams and spears. I'm not saying this kid won't be great or exactly what the team needs, just make sure he's not the only one between the ball carrier and the end zone.

If all else fails, I'm sure willie can teach him proper tackling form like the rest of the defensive backfield...

Anonymous said...

Funny how when Tech gets some mediocre recruit it's front sports page of the AJC yet when the Dawgs grab the #1 safety in the state/country - not a word! :D

Ben in Georgia said...

He sure can move. All the other players in the video seemed to be in slow motion. Great pursuit angles, but Ryan's right; got to get those shoulders down and wrap people up. Who's perfect coming right out of high school though? This is a big time pick up.

Anonymous said...

Great news about getting this kid, but I've gotta disagree with the title of the article....if he's that good, we'll only get 3 years to 'ogle' him!

Anonymous said...

wahoo beckham!

PTC DAWG said...

"recruitniks" LMAO. Good one.

Anonymous said...

How did Newnan do in the 14th game?

Anonymous said...

14th game?

Man, you Camden folks are really needy. Congrats on the championship and I truly hope you have at least one other element in you life.

Tristan1 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Sanchez said...

He hits like his name was Ogie Oglethorpe.

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