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June 22, 2009

Of Julio, AJ and Josey Wales

For lunch today, we're serving up a few links of interest.
  • RollBamaRoll gets into a discussion of why / how Julio Jones' hype has by-passed AJ Green's hype.

    He makes a series of good points, but I think the most relevant two are (A) Knowshon shining star sucked the oxygen out of the room for many other players on the team (B) Bama simply had a better season. Did you know that AJ scored 8 TDs last year to Julio's 4?

  • The Mobile Press Register goes preseason prediction surfing and points out the obvious...the Gators are pretty much the unanimous preseason SEC Champs. Realistically, how could they not be? The return of Jean Shorts Jesus and 22 of 22 players on the defensive two deep. Without sarcasm filled hyperbole, I think they do have a legitimate chance to field one of the greatest teams in college football history.

    Will they have the '92 Bama defense? No. Will they have the '04 Southern Cal offense? Probably not. But they are ridiculously loaded and experienced. The biggest obstacles facing the Gators in '09 are:
      1. Hubris - Arrogance and overconfidence could trip them up.
      2. Injuries - If The Tebow should get injured, they're totally and completely screwed.

  • Blutarsky looks at the recruiting practices of the Miami Hurricanes. This story falls under the heading of "I don't believe I'd have admitted that."

  • And lastly, Rex Robinson makes a bizarre comparison. He asks if the Bulldogs are "mad dawg mean." He talks about watching Josey Wales with the team before the '77 Bama game. He says:
    "...It’s at this point Josie spoke these now famous words:

    Sometimes when your backed into a corner, you gotta get mean; I mean plum mad dog mean!

    Well we as Dawgs, let out a yell in agreement with that sentiment. It was great!
    I agree with Rex. The program needs to get meaner, but really...I don't know that using the '77 team as a benchmark for anything is the best call. That team went 5-6 and lost to Bama the next day 18-10. Just saying. It helps to be good, too.


Anonymous said...

If Tebow is injured, wouldn't he simply resurrect himself? No one will play harder, try harder, work harder. . .

Anonymous said...

...from the dead.

Hobnail_Boot said...

AJ will get all the hype he deserves if he can improve upon his '08 numbers without Stafford and MoMass.

Crane said...

Tebow's middle name is dick.

Jarred said...

Nice award for a UGA player... Kupets named best college athlete.

The Watch Dawg said...

If Jean-short Jesus got hurt they would have a candlelight vigil in Gainesville.

Erk's ghost said...

I seem to recall our D being primed for greatness after the 2007 season. Injuries and complacency ruined that. So while Florida may have the greatest D ever on paper, they still have to prove it this fall.

Chris said...

Erk has a point. However, Florida might have more depth than we did.

japuga said...

Love how the RollBamaRoll guy gets on his high-horse about King's homerism. Is King a homer? Yes. Is that RollBamaRoll author a homer? Yes, and his article is full of homerism.
I wish someone who has an account on that site would post a clip of AJ's catch from high school (the one I can't even explain). Julio could never dream of making a catch like that. Lift lots of weights and drag a couple of defenders an extra yard or two like a tailback? Yes. Make that catch or anything close to it? No chance.
Both great players, but give me AJ, unless we're talking tight ends.

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