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June 24, 2009

Perno Talks Draft and Scholarships

Coach Perno talked about the impact of the MLB draft on the incoming baseball class today with 960 the Ref.  The short version is that he thinks stud C/1B Miles Head is likely to sign a pro deal instead of come to UGA, but he's probably the only guy we'll lose.  
Perno also discusses the new scholarship rules for baseball and his anger at the NCAA for telling them not only how much he can give but how he can give it.  I won't bore you with the details, but dividing 11.7 scholarships between an entire college baseball team is difficult.  It's more difficult with rules about how much of a scholarship you may allocate to players.  Perno might need a finance professor and a team of lawyers to field a team.

It's worth a listen.



rbubp said...

I didn't listen yet, but I know it's crazy...and then you have twits like Mike Patrick on ESPN making it sound as though the universities are just being cheap.

Bernie said...

I'm confident of two things: 1) Perno is protective of his schollies and unwilling to create an "unbalanced" team 2) other programs do not share that philosophy

Anonymous said...

Why are there so few scholarships allowed for a baseball team?

Seems ridiculously lopsided from what is offered in football and basketball. How many football or basketball players out there only have 1/4 of a schlarship?

Paul Westerdawg said...

Re: Scholarships for baseball

The 11.7 ships for 30-35 kids is ridiculous. No sport is screwed as badly for 'ships as men's baseball.

In reality, it helps state schools in talent rich states like GA, TX, FLA and CA. Because a lot of kids can't afford to go out of state or to private colleges without taking on big loans.

Anonymous said...

It also hurts when you are known in the baseball world for completely over-recruiting and promising kids things you can't deliver on. But hey, as long as we get to Omaha every even-numbered year I guess that's all that matters, right?

rbubp said...

It's because of Title IX: baseball is the team sport the NCAA has negotiated away to make room for women's athletic scholarships:

(and yeah, this guy is right about the lack of scholarships being a big reason why you do not see many black college baseball players)

wfdawg said...

Had no idea about the inequity. Wow, that's tough to have college-level talent and not even get a full scholly. Would make me inclined to take the draft money if offered and forgo college.

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