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June 13, 2009

Update on UGA vs South Carolina Kickoff

The Athens Banner Herald says that the game is definitely going to kickoff at 7:00 pm on ESPN2. Not 7:45 pm start as originally reported by the Augusta Chronicle (and repeated by me).

Doesn't matter to me. Anything after 5:30 is outstanding.



81Dog said...

"Hello, bourbon-it's me, Paul."

Outstanding literary homage. Well played, sir.

You could have gone with "Paul Has Two Flasks," but I think you made the best choice.

mitch said...

I mean seriously how dumb can Adams and Damon be to request early home games and late away games. That is the exact opposite of what you want. You want to play an early game away from home so you dont have to get back so late. Just idiots.

Anonymous said...

They are smart. They understand how bad night home games are in athens. They are tring to regulate the damage in this town for all these morons that cant control themselves

mitch said...

Yea, the family friendly area was a smashing success, nice one Adams! And if they were smarter they would put out more trash cans and do what Tennessee does and hire kids to drive around with golf carts and pick up trash cans and put out new ones. So no, they arnt smart and we are going to have more night home games thank god and theres nothing they can do about it!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah like more trash cans is good. Hell you people cant even get it in the ones that are out there. When people cant regulate and understand their limits of alcohol,they are going to cut out the night games. I mean you have a serious problem if you can drink all day and then it is mandatory for you to have to have it in the stadium, then people get mad cause they get thrown out of the stadium.

Normaltown Mike said...

I'm all in favor of limiting the occurence of "boiled peanuts" that accompanies the scorching early games. I like the idea of collecting trash during the day. UGA just lets it sit and most seems to be picked up by self-employed scrappers.

Andy said...

"I mean you have a serious problem if you can drink all day and then it is mandatory for you to have to have it in the stadium, then people get mad cause they get thrown out of the stadium."

I don't condone it, but I can see where they'd be mad; for the price it costs to sit there an entire season, you should be allowed to chain-smoke and cuss as loud as you want if you so choose.

But seriously, at the point, you're better off in a bar. This is a college football game, after all. Use a trash-can; Sanford and the campus are hallowed grounds.

Anonymous said...

Well the rules are for every person who buys a ticket and most of the people trying to drink are college students so they arent paying much.

Anonymous said...

No individual distracts from a UGA football game like a loud, filthy mouth drunk.They aren't welcomed in stores, restaurants or bars. Why should they be allowed in a college stadium....or any public place. I've quit warning them. I simply go get security. They have been happy to take'm out.

Anonymous said...

First off it is terrible how much we destroy the campus. But night games are much louder and a much better atmosphere. People will get hammered no matter what time you decide to put the kickoff at.

Do like Ole Miss and Tenn. Put garbage cans every 5 feet if you need to. The ones on N. campus are full by 10 Am and hire people to empty them regularly. Did you just see how much $ UGA makes each year? Spend a couple a grand extra a week out of that 70 mill to kepp the campus cleaner and have the games at night

Vince said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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