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June 21, 2009

You want personality?

Apparently, it was Warm and Fuzzy Week in the DawgNation. Lots of good human interest stories ran. Here's a recap:
  • Katharyn Richt - She's going back to school to become a nurse. You know what I don't like about her? Nothing. Best First Lady ever.

  • Marcus Washington - David Hale talks fatherhood with Marcus Washington. He has a Part II or Deleted Scenes for the story on his blog.

  • DeMarcus Dobbs - The Macon paper talked with Dobbs about the need to put more pressure on QBs, and the staggering stat that our back-up DE was tied for #2 in interceptions.

  • Howard and Zeier - It's official. They're the permanent football radio guys. The issue going forward will be naming the sideline and pre-game voices for football and the basketball voices. I'm guessing that Loren retires, and a guy like Buck Belue gets the sideline gig. Howard will obviously keep the basketball play by play job, but it'll be interesting to see who gets the basketball color analyst job. No inside knowledge here, but I wouldn't bet on Dantzler keeping that gig.


BCSAV said...

I know JD had made a number of mistakes but he is tremendous at what he does whether it be on his daily afternoon show or baseball and basketball. Things have to change in his personal life but I really hope he will be court side come November.

Anonymous said...

From ABH

Evans said Loran Smith, who has served as the sideline reporter and appeared on the tailgate show, will have a role in the broadcast.

"Loran will have a role similar to what he's done in the past, but there will be a few minor tweaks," Evans said.

Evans said other talent that will be announced later will be added to the tailgate show, which is expanding to four hours.

dormityp said...

Dantzler is a giant douche, but he is so much better at his job than Buck Belue.

Anonymous said...

Dantzler is the most knowledgeable dawg fan out there. I love listening to him and he does a great job. He's realistic, and a homer at the same time. A great combo.

skidawg1985 said...

Ms. Richt is in for a tough haul as a nursing student. Many very smart women find it overwhelming even if they have a "normal" life much less being the "first lady" of UGA football.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks CMR has the resources (hiring tudors) to make certain Momma Richt can get through nursing school.

CMR oversees a program of 75 elite football players who are also students at the state's flagship university.

I don't mean to diminish the rigors of being a nursing student, but it seems like Momma Richt is prepared for the commitment.

The really good news is how her participation will bring statewide and probably national exposure to Athens Tech's program.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dantzler with his legal issues will be taken on. Stabler was taken off radio with Bama after his problems.

Mike In Valdosta said...

In my opinion the only reason not to continue with JD would be if we had someone better. To compare him with Stabler is kind of Dennis Doddish. I may not, or probably am not, aware of all the facts, but Stabler has had several public incidents over the years. There may be more to the JD situation, but from what I know about I believe he deserves to continue on some sort of reasonable probation. Maybe a few stadium stairs.

Ditto on Mrs. Richt. She is a class act and I would not bet against her in any endeavor she takes on.

I do not think Belue is interested in any secondary roles with the broadcast. He may have other, more lucrative plans in his future.

dawgnotdog said...

Herb White should be the color commentator on men's basketball. There is so much more insight when he is filling in.

Paul Westerdawg said...


I agree 100%. Dantzler has become a pretty solid play by play man for baseball, but he's absolutely awful as a color man for men's hoops. I don't listen to him on women's hoops so I can't say anything about that.

But on men's hoops. How many times a game can you make the same point over and over and over and over.

Did you know Joakim Noah's dad played Tennis? JD must've talked about that 20 times a game. I think he'd bring it up even when we weren't playing the Gators.

69Dawg said...

I am just paraniod enough to think that Mrs R becomming a nurse is part of the Richt families long range goal of missionary work. I would not be surprised if CMR retires at a somewhat early age and becomes a missionary. Not saying it is going to happen anytime soon but my guess is it will happpen.

DawgCity said...

Gotta second the Herb White suggestion as a commentator for men's hoops. JD is obviously a fan, and knows history, but I like the b-ball knowledge that Herb brings.

papadawg said...

Somebody please tell Zeier that he is using a microphone - he doesn't have to scream.

JD is a walking UGA almanac & does a great job as the Press Box P.A. He tends to be a jerk off the air, but he still is much better than most radio guys. Eric Z was one of my all-time favorite QBs, but I'd rather have JD as color on football fwiw.

Anonymous said...

As far as Dantzler on football, thank you, no.

I am not fully sold on EZ, but as a listener, listening to EZ, you find out why things are happening, not why they happened to Dooley's third team in 1966.

Zeier will improve. He has been broadcasting for about 2 years instead of 20 like Dantzler. JD, by the way, tends to scream a lot also.

I also do not need to hear Perno's resume every game, I do not need to hear the terms elbow and block on EVERY basketball possession, and I do not need a constant barrage of namedropping.

I will say one good thing about Jeff, he tends to keep Mac Poss from talking too much on the lady Dogs games.

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