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July 1, 2009

Gordon Beckham Heats Up. Average now at .267

Gordon Beckham is now adjusting to the White Sox in a big way. During the Chicago White Sox's Monday and Tuesday games, Beckham combined to go 6 of 7 with 1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 walk, and 1 stolen base.

On the season, he's hitting .267 with 2 HR and 13 RBI in 23 games. Considering he started out 2 for 28 (.071) thru his first 8 games, he's doing extremely well to have a .267 average now.

Tuesday night he was moved up in the order from 8th to 7th for the first time.

(Image: TheBeckettBlog)

Why do I keep coming back to Gordo? Because the one thing the baseball program lacks is a flagship Major Leaguer, and can you not like the guy? He's the Diamond Dawg equivalent of David Pollack in terms of charisma and production in Athens.



Anonymous said...

I see he fits right in major league baseball with that token 'goat' on his chin. Maybe he gets Hooter girls to wipe the wing sauce off of it when he hangs out with Chipper.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great interview with Beckham and Frank Thomas. Particularly poignant is his statement about the baseball facilities at UGA towards the end of the interview. Thought it would fit in with the post about the Sears' Cup as well. Maybe Gordon can cought up $100k to get the ball rolling?

Anonymous said...

he was a helluva high school QB as well

Uga VII in '08 said...

This one's still my favorite picture of him:

Bernie said...

I like the reference to Pollack. The ChiSox obviously know what they got in Beckham. Showed a lot of faith and patience right after his call up.

Andy said...

He really made fools of the Cubs the other day. Great game to watch.

I hate poor white trash rednecks said...

Major leaguers and roofing & sheetrock subcontractors both share the distinction of sporting those redneck ricky goatees.

I guess they are trying to look "tough". Problem is they look unprofessional.

Next thing you know we'll see our boy with one of those stupid-a$$ tatoos on the side of his neck.

Fcking disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, buddy. It's just a little facial hair. For someone who writes in sentence fragments and spouts out slightly misspelled profanity, you seem awfully concerned about decorum.

I hate anonymous jerk rednecks said...

Anon 11:15,
GFY. It's always a little of this or a litte of that. Next thing you know NBA stars have full bodied tatoos....well, that's already happened. I'm entitled to my opionion and my opinion is that it looks unprofessional. And regarding decorum, I'm not a major league ballplayer representative of UGA. And judging by your apathetic reaction, neither are you.

Anonymous said...

Gordon is one of the best representitives of UGA there is. He plays the game the right way, he is respectful, and always seems to bring the Georgia baseball program up whenever he gets the chance. I'm not a fan of facial hair but as much as he did and is doing for Georgia he can do some things a lot worse than that. DGD!!

Cy said...

Anon 1225:
I would guess (and by that I mean HOPE and PRAY) by your spelling and grammar mistakes, you are in no way representative of UGA. You may need to check the date on your sidewalk diploma.

Last time I saw Herschel Walker, he was sporting a thin moustache. That doesn't make him John Waters or Vincent Price, now does it?

David Manning said...

Nice to see him getting some Major League success. I think he's in the big league to stay.

Anonymous said...

I don't really buy the Pollack/Beckham comparison. At face value, maybe they're similar (squeaky clean image) but anybody who has spent time around both of them will tell you they'd rather hang around Gordon any day of the week. I love Pollack for what he did for the football program, but they guy is just kind of a douche.

Time for a shave, hillbilly said...

Herschel looks good with a mustache. Burt Reynolds and the Marlboro Man looked good with mustaches. Even Rollie Fingers had a cool, unique 'stache. You're probably too young to know who that is.

It's the Ken Caminiti chia-pet on the chin that looks stupid and (again) unprofessional.

Only a dunce like you wouldn't know the difference.

Undoubtably, Chipper didn't get the memo. But hey, he's pure north florida/gator country red.

PTC DAWG said...

Is the Jersey Wearing Patrol on the loose again? Sure seems like a lot of hot air over a little beard. Wow, some folks have NOTHING to worry about in life.

Anonymous said...

Anon frickin' kidding. This could be the gayest pissin' contest I've ever heard of in my entire life.

Anonymous said...

He's awesome..loved watching him play in Athens, glad he's doing well in the pros. As if there was any doubt, lol.

Go Dawgs

RedCrake said...

Repeatedly changing username poster doesn't like goatees because they make it more painful to make out.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Hey Dennis/redneck hater, found a new job yet? I was sad to hear the Nigeria thing didn't work out for ya, but better luck next time.

I remember the rule now, facial hair is fine, so long as it is above the lips. See below, this is very professional.

Paul Westerdawg said...


I did laugh at that. But I can't leave that comment up, and there's no way to edit it. Even if you use the medical term...I'm probably still going to delete it.

This ain't that kind of site.

Regardless of the fact that I did laugh. Sorry bro.


Ok you win said...

I guess there are more out-of-work rednecks on this board than I thought.

I guess it's like arguing with the queers in San Francisco or the cheeseball tools in Gainesville - you cannot win given their sheer numbers.

Go ahead and sport that ricky-stache. The only jobs you'll get are in the construction business. That, and MLB.

sUGArdaddy said...

Dude, get over it. Gordo's a DGD and that's all that really matters. Good Lord, what planet are you from and in which century are you living? Seriously. Phil Jackson has done okay with facial hair. So has BVG. And I'm doing okay with facial hair and I'm a good dad, too. What's up w/ all the judgment?

RedCrake said...

Yes I win.... I am gainfully employed as a science teacher, I have multiple degrees, and I speak with diction that makes most of my family members cringe.

I also have a glorious full beard that probably offends your delicate sensibilities.

If you hate goatees so much, I'm sure the Project Runway message boards need more members.

Chuck Norris' Goatee said...

Yeah, let's all shave our faces clean like that fine Governor Mark Sanford. He's a real "professional" chap!

Beckam is a baseball player. He plays in the dirt for a living, not in the boardroom making deals.

I'd sure as hell rather befriend a man with a goatee and integrity than a slick-ass, panty waste, so-called professional tellin' me lies with a twinkle in his eye(I'm looking at you Mack Brown!)

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