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September 25, 2009

Gameday Garbage Bag Drive

Business Frat to Help Tailgaters Keep Campus Clean

(Press Release)

Alpha Kappa Psi, a national co-ed business fraternity will host their first “Gameday Garbage Bag Drive” this Saturday, September 26th in response to the growing problem of tailgate litter.

Students, alumni, and citizens of Athens were devastated by the sheer amount of waste left behind on the University of Georgia’s campus after the UGA/USC football game two weeks ago.

“We have one of them most beautiful campuses in the country,” said Brian Huff, Warden of Alpha Kappa Psi. “When I saw the now infamous video footage of North Campus that was taken following the South Carolina game, I was ashamed. It is my hope that through this drive, we can keep campus cleaner in the future."

On gameday, volunteers from the fraternity will venture onto campus to distribute two types of garbage bags in order to make recycling more accessible for fans. Clear garbage bags to signify recyclable materials and opaque garbage bags to signify non-recyclable waste.

Alpha Kappa Psi’s house, located at the intersection of Baxter St. and Milledge Ave., has set up large bins on the front porch in order to accept garbage bags from fellow students. In addition, the fraternity is asking for monetary donations from Alumni and friends of the University. Financial contributions to the drive, in any amount, will go towards bulk purchases of clear bags for recyclable items.

The Chick-fil-A restaurant at Beechwood and Jittery Joe’s Coffee have already pledged generous bag contributions. Alpha Kappa Psi would like to thank these stores and invite other local businesses to participate in the drive.

“UGA fans are a people of pride,” said Thorne Brown, President of Alpha Kappa Psi. “We can show that same pride in the way we treat our campus. You don’t show your pride just by wearing UGA’s colors—you show it by keeping your campus clean.”


To make a monetary donation to the Gameday Garbage Bag Drive, pay online with PayPal at


Nancy R said...

Kudos to Alpha Kappa Psi for their efforts to keep the campus clean. I wish them all the best. However, I was distressed to read the president's comment, "I was ashamed" when he saw last week's mess on north campus. He has nothing to be ashamed of. The real culprits are the non-student Dawg fans who infest the entire campus like cock roaches. They should be ashamed for trashing a lovely campus that has done nothing but welcome them to Athens. Of course, their alcohol consumption just compounds the problem. Here's hoping other Greek organizations assist Alpha Kappa Psi in their efforts, and here's hoping all Dawg fans are mindful tomorrow of their refuse.

Anonymous said...

Lets think about how much money is generated each gameday. 92,700 seats minus the student allotment at 40 bucks a pop makes the University over 3.1 million just for ticket sales. This doesn't include alumni donations, TV contracts, advertisements, concessions, merchandise sales, vending permits, sales taxes, parking passes, etc. With all of this money being made can the University not afford the proper waste management practices? Give us more trashcans, portable toilets, and janitors. Why do I need to give more of my money to a bag drive, its insulting.

hammurabimc said...

As an alumnus of AKPsi at UGA, I am glad to see my former business fraternity is having this garbage bag drive. It's really going to help, but North Campus isn't the only problem. East Campus and other tailgate spots are filled with unbagged trash as well. I hope the University and other groups really tackle the whole problem, not just North Campus.

Nancy R, I know the President of AKPsi and he was just sad to see such large amounts of trash left by tailgaters, regardless if they were students or non-students. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that no one who was a student failed to pick up their trash, and that those who aren't students did. Might that be a tad of an overgeneralization, Nancy R.?

Though I have to admit it was a nice deployment of the word "refuse", and I agree that AKPsi should be applauded for their effort.

Come On said...

Only people who couldn't get into fraternities call them "frats."

James Howlett said...

Couldn't get in? UGA fraternities aren't very selective. Have you seen all the goons walking around with their "fraternity" shirts? Half the student body is in a fraternity or sorority. This is a real statistic, look it up.
There's just nothing unique about being in a fraternity or sorority, at least not at UGA.

Come On said...

That doesn't negate my post, ace.

Anonymous said...

Taken from the University website:
"What percentage of students participates in Greek organizations?
Approximately 24 percent of UGA students are members of a fraternity or sorority."

James, that means the overwhelming majority of students are not in a sorority or fraternity

Paul Westerdawg said...

Come On,

Anyone that would post something as asinine as your comment wouldn't be labeled as a member of a "frat."

They would be labeled a Douche.

Anonymous said...

yup - about a quarter are in frats/sororities.

and they are selective - every heard of Rush week, etc.

nope, i wasn't in one but i just wanted to write that COME ON is silly to say the least and a bit arrogant at that.

NCT said...

No, no, a thousand times no. I'll say it again: The University is not your personal waste management service.

I don't care how much money the school makes off of football. There is absolutely no reason to expect the University to be responsible for carting off messes that visitors bring onto campus, even if those messes are bagged. It is nice for the University to provide additional trash cans, but it's not the University's responsibility to do so.

Come On said...

At the end of the day, we all realize that I win, and you all lose.

It's as simple as that.

But there's no need to get upset about it. Calling people names, etc.

Aren't you guys adults?

Or are you Gator fans?

Shit what did I stumble upon here...

Anonymous said...

The root fault of this garbagefest on North Campus falls directly at the feet of Pres. Adams. His decision to close the Lumpkin Street fraternity houses left a large number of people with no place to pre-game party. The trashing has always taken place, but it was on property that pledges would clean. With no fraternity houses close to campus, they migrate to North Campus. Because they cannot control access, the group gets out of hand. It is called the law of unintended consequences.

Irwin R. Flecther said...


Arguments over 'how selective' frats are?

Arguments over use of the word 'frat' which has been part of the English language since 1895 according to Websters (I'm guess there are a lot of folks that have used it since then that 'could have gotten into a frat'.

Also, Harold Ramis most certainly was in a frat and he called them frats in the famous frat movie, Animal House.

Ok, chief?

Also, please clean up your garbage or if you are in a frat, have your plebes do so. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree w/ Come on, but as a fraternity alum of UGA I never liked being referred to as a "frat". It always came across as a put down to me.

Anonymous said...

Point of this article...Alpha Kappa Psi is doing a great thing to help out and others should follow!

Come On said...

You all have terrible senses of humor.

That's why I win. Again.

Dash said...

I win because I win.

good logic.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. These comments are devolving in entirely the wrong direction. Given the shameful appearance of North Campus on South Carolina weekend, this should be a collaborative, not a contentious, effort.

Let's G.ather A.ll T.rash A.ppropriately!

Bobby Drake said...

@Come On

You sound fat.

That is all.

ej said...

Someone tell Commissioner Gordon to put out the Pulpwood signal.

The Bulldog Nation demands it.

The Watch Dawg said...

I don't have anything against frat guys in general, only against the asswipes like Come On who truly believe being in a frat makes them better than others. I call them "frats," and I never wanted to be in a fraternity. Put that in your universe and let it rock.

The Watch Dawg said...

I agree with ej, we demand pulpwood.

Chris said...

Does anyone know why our game is on ESPNU and not on the schedule??? Who gets ESPNU???

Rick said...


Games shown live on ESPNU are not shown live on ESPN360, presumably so that it doesn't hurt their ratings. You can, however, watch the replay on ESPN360 once the game is over.

For those of you out there with Charter, they do offer ESPNU.

PT C DAWG said...

I have Comcast, and I get asked....

Anonymous said...

Call Comcast and ask for the sports and entertainment package, it's $5 a month but that will give you ESPNU. I'm sure you can cancel it next month if you dont want to keep the package.

Chad Johnson said...

interesting but avoiding gthe real issue.... UGA fans are careless slobs and no intention of cleaning up after themselves... if they dont't at home why should they on campus

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