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October 6, 2009

SEC Power Poll Ballot

  1. Alabama - The Wildcats scored some mop up TDs against Bama that made it look close, but the Tide remains unchallenged so far.  Again, everything Bama does is competent.  Nothing spectacular, just solid, consistent football.
  2. Florida - I guess we'll find out something about the Gators this weekend.  Tebow is questionable right now, but don't you have to assume the guy will play?  I can't see him missing their biggest game of the season in his senior year, headaches or not.
  3. LSU -  Even after the UGA game, I'm just not sure how good LSU really is.  If they had a consistent pass rusher and a vertical passing game, you might consider putting them in with Bama and Florida.  How an offense with that many quality skill people can't put games away is troubling.  Gary Crowton should turn it loose Saturday night because he'll have to.
  4. Auburn - The Aubs may have the most competent offense in the league and Gus Malzahn is coordinator of the year so far.  Do you remember how terrible their offense was last year?  Substantially the same personel, different genius, and 5-0.
  5. Georgia - Saturday's game in Knoxville is as big a game as UGA will play this year.  Win it and there is hope for continued relevance.  Lose it and the season starts heading toward a patented Fulmer Year of Death.  A.J. Green still looked like himself against Patrick Peterson and the LSU secondary.  Monte and Eric Berry await their chance to slow him down.
  6. South Carolina - The Cocks woke up after halftime to put away a patsy.  
  7. Ole Miss -Redemption calls this weekend.  If Snead didn't like the pressure Carolina was sending, wait until Saban brings the heat.
  8. Arkansas -If you don't pressure Ryan Mallett consistently, Arkansas will put up forty on you.  Ask the Aggies who spent $300 a ticket to watch Mallett light the wrecking crew up like a bonfire.
  9. Tennessee - I loved watching Kiffy call for a two point conversion after their meaningless touchdown while time expired.  I suppose the refs refused the try.  A win this weekend could give Kiffy some legitimacy.  A UT win would at least show the Vols that the program still contains short term promise. 
  10. Mississippi State - State couldn't hold up once the Tech option grinder got some traction.  At this point, State fans should be happy to score over twenty points a game.  They've simply switched their contraint from offense to defense.
  11. Kentucky - The Cats will fight and claw for everything and meet with a degree of success.  Too bad it's after the game has been decided by an overwhelming show of opponent force to open the game.
  12. Vanderbilt - It's back to the same old Vandy.


PTC DAWG said...

Good luck to Mr. Berry in trying to cover AJ.

Anonymous said...

You greatly overrate our team in your Power Poll. Unfortunately, even with a win at UT, we're looking at a 7-4 or 6-5 season with a mid-level, irrelevant bowl game. It's unacceptable for a team with this much talent and support (e.g., financial, facilities, alumni) behind it!

stache said...

Since Quinton wrote this, I assume it is wrong.

Husky Jeans said...

How are we "greatly overrated"? Where else would we fall in this ranking? We beat SC and Arkansas...and SC beat Ole Miss. I don't think anyone would think that Tenn, Vandy, KY or Miss State should be ahead of us.

I think this is pretty accurate. Bama looks strong--and the key with them is coaching. They look so well coached. I agree that they should get the nod over Florida, especially with the Tebow uncertainty.

Husky Jeans said...

Go Dawgs.

Andy said...

I hope to God we don't have to rely on another miracle in Nashville.

Chance said...


I think you mean Knoxville, no?

UGA '06 said...

Pat Forde wrote in his "Forde yard dash" today on that there might be mutual fatigue between CMR/Coaches and the fans. Anyone know how valid if at all this comment is?

AwesomeDawg said...

UGA '06...I can verify that there most certainly is fatigue between the fans and coaches! As a fan myself, I sure as hell am tired of the crap our coaching staff keeps rolling out week after week. I only pray that the coaches are tired of this crap as well. If not, then we have a bigger problem than dropping a game to LSU. It is time to friggin' man up Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one who says this, but if we don't bring the offense in the first quarter and keep our foot on the gas for 60minutes of football, it ain't gonna be pretty in Knoxville. Additionally, if there is anyone who thinks "40 Willie" can out wit Paul Johnson with a week off to prepare, or anytime in the future well....We better be out there going down that old beaten "Wood Pecker Trail" looking for the next Theron Sapp.

80dawg said...

yep, we had better come out to play.TN loves to beat the dawgs! We are looking at serious problems if we do not right this ship. To me our biggest repair job needs to be on kick coverage PWD describes it well

Andy said...


That too, but I was referring to the fumble recovery that saved our fanny against Vanderbilt in Nashville two years ago - being that they're "back to the same old Vandy" at number 12 in the blog poll.

But GATA in Knoxville. GO DAWGS.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Caleb King: broken jaw and concussion in LSU game according to

Dawg4Life said...

Yea he is day to day he might be able to play against Tennessee if he cleared by the doctors of post concussion symptoms

Anonymous said...

Husky Dawg,

Using your logic of A < B and B < C means that Ole Miss was the national champion last year because they beat FL. I view this poll as a "how are they doing today" and hence trends play a part in the rankings. Yes, we beat SC, but the way our team has played the last 2 weeks (ASU, LSU) has been less than impressive. I would not at all be surprised to see UT beat us this week (hopefully, I'm wrong because I'll be at the game) and SC or Ole Miss could beat us at least half the time, probably more if we play like we did the past couple of weeks. My point is that after 5 games into the season, this team should be on the upward curve as youth develops. Unfortunately, we seem to be regressing as a team. The offense has been boom or bust with no consistency. The defense and special (kick-off) teams continue to perform poorly for us. The O-line, which was supposed to be our strength, has been a big disappointment thus far.

Anonymous said...

I say we suit up Pulpwood, he's got some eligibility left.

Anonymous said...

Andre Smith was a fullback I think.
We haven't had a real bruiser at TB since Musa. Samual has the build but I haven't seem him really break a tackle yet. He ain't Hardisty, Scott, or JD thats for sure. It seems we don't go out there and get those guys. We let Auburn snag the Ronnie Browns of the state. I'd settle for a Willie Mac if we could find one.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone know how valid if at all this comment is?"


Georgia would be phenomenally stupid to dump Richt. Worse than Nebraska with Solich. That DumbDawgs are saying we should get freaking VanGorder as a *head coach* is icing on the idiot cake.

VanGorder + Georgia = 4-8. But at least we'd, um, try hard.

Anonymous said...

Perfect post on the meaning of this weekend's game against Tennessee.

Husky Jeans said...

Anon @9:53,'re saying that a 2-3 Tennessee team, who hasn't beaten a BCS team this year, is higher than us in the power poll? And why do you give Ole Miss any credit after they looked awful against SC?

We were inches away from beating the #4 team in the country last week. So many little things could've happened to allow us to win, including a horrible personal foul on AJ.

I agree, we have problems. All teams do. But I think this ranking for us is pretty accurate.

Anyway, with regard to the criticism of the offensive line and run blocking, I have a thought: maybe our RB's have done a poor job of finding the holes? I've heard praise for the O-line as it relates to pass blocking, but nobody is really talking about the possibility that the RB's aren't doing their part. Ealey looked fairly strong when he ran on Saturday. We all know that Samuel seems to just run in a straight line and into the backs of the blockers. Think we would complain about the run blocking if we had Knowshon? Just a thought.

Robert said...

Hate to break it to the faithful, but we're right back where we started:

Donnan 97-00: 35-13, 0 SEC Championship Games, 1-3 v. UF

Richt 06-09: 33-11, 0 SEC Championship Games, 1-2 v. UF

Unlimited talent and resources, but wildly inconsistent play. Staff changes must be made or we will be in a never ending loop of Citrus and Outback Bowls.

gumborue said...

"unlimited talent" X
thanks for playing

Anonymous said...

Husky jeans - you may want to re-consider your comments.....

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