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December 15, 2009

Vic Koenning headed to Illinois?

ESPN is reporting that Koenning is heading to Illinois for a big pay raise. He was one of the most often rumored names for the UGA job; although there was never any official indication that we were interested in him. Interestingly, Chris Low reports that UGA is backing up Damon's comments of being prepared to offer big money for a DC.

Bud Foster talked to UGA and UF, but only listed his UGA discussions as seriously. He ended up staying up there for a five year deal worth $600,000 per year. The timing on that is interesting in that Beamer is already 63. It seems fairly unlikely that Beamer will coach until he's 69 so Foster should be there long enough to get his shot at the head coaching job.

If we're going to pay that kind of scratch, we should get one heck of a coach. Another name that has been thrown around is Bob Sanders, defensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. Sanders was a defensive coach for Spurrier from '87 (Duke) through 2000 (Florida). He was Spurrier's #2 defensive coach from '91-'00 with the Gators. Sanders has coached in the NFL since '01 with Miami, Green Bay and Buffalo serving as DC of the Packers for three years.

He wouldn't be the glitzy choice, but he's a very good coach with 1 ACC Title, 6 SEC Titles, 1 National Title and an NFC Conference Championship under his belt.

I really don't think it's Sanders
Richt could've announced Sanders today if that's who it was. There's no reason to stick around in Buffalo for a non-playoff bound team as a position coach when you can be DC in college for more money.

The longer this thing goes the better I like our chances of getting someone intriguing. However, judging by Richt's history, it's going to be someone off our immediate radar. Only Coach Lilly's hire was an obvious move. Searels, Ball, Jancek, Rucker, and Kirby Smart (as RB coach) were all pretty much out of left field. And his original staff didn't have any obvious choices on it except Coach Eason.

Richt plays these things close to the vest so it'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.



Michael said...

I really do like Dick Bumpas for the DC job.

TopDawg said...

I don't think it will be Kirby because he would be leaving a perfect situation in Alabama. If it isn't him and they are going to spend a ton of money, I wonder who it will be?

There are still some great DC's sitting around in the country

The Watch Dawg said...

Between the Bud Foster news and UGA talking like they've got Notre Dame money to spend, I think the hire is going to knock our socks off.

Ludakit said...

I really don't see it being ANY of the candidates on a lot of "hot boards" out there. The time it's taking is making me thrilled though. Any DC worth his salt right now is getting prepared for a bowl game that will hopefully take place in between December 30 - January 7.

Bumpus doesn't seem to have that "HC drive" that I want our guy to have. That's like Brian Van Gorder. God love him, but he doesn't strike me as the same coach who had bigger aspirations 5 years ago. Now he knows what he is and what he'll always be coaching. I surely don't think he's into sleeping in his office and putting top notch defenses in the field in order to move on to greener pastures one day.

I don't know who it'll be, but I'd venture to bet on young-ish and HC driven. Sanders, Bumpus, Herring, etc, don't strike me as those types of guys.

Just my opinion.

Smitty said...

Sorry to be off topic but I guess we are not doing a bowl pick em on Funofficepools this year?

Clinton said...

Come on guys,

You and I both know that whatever 'boards' , 'rumor mills', tweets, etc will not be 'correct' until a hire is made (assuming any of them 'guessed' right.

Apparently the 'leak' in the front office has been dealt with since this has been so close to the vest.

I got a text from a trusted friend and big booster who told me a week ago that we 'locked' up I know that was, well it rhymes with tull smit.

We wont knwo until probably after the bowl game now. Just breathe.

Daniel said...

Hey Paul, just make up some rumors for us. I need something to read when I get off work at nights. Look at it like this, you cant put out any worse news than what the networks have to report.

Chip Bankhead said...

Vic, we barley knew ya. He sounds like a an ex-cop for hire, who plays by his own rules! *You're off the case Koenning!*

Clinton said...


I agree. We could start posting many funny rumors. Like, "The Hamburglar to coach Dogs D. They may be plush and fake looking, but they are wily as hell" and send a fake 'leak' to Mark Bradley for him to opine so he looks even moronic than normal.

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