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January 28, 2010

Dawgs lose to Gators

This wasn't really unexpected. I wasn't able to watch due to logistical issues so I can't comment much on it except to say that playing in Gainesville was one of the toughest 3 games remaining on our schedule.

This wasn't a yardstick game. It was a less talented team that has experienced extremely little success on the road over the past few years taking on a more talented team that's extremely good at home.

The game on Saturday vs. South Carolina is a more realistic opportunity for success. The Gamecocks did topple Kentucky at home earlier in the week, but they are still the Gamecocks which means from week to week you never know what you're going to get.

The SEC schedule makers did UGA no favors in booking our first five conference games against the best five teams in the league...with 3 of those games being on the road. But the schedule does become more manageable after the trip to Columbia. Consider:
    Jan. 30 at South Carolina - winnable but tough
    Feb. 3 - vs Arkansas (home) - winnable
    Feb. 6 - Vandy (home) - winnable mainly because it's a home game
    Feb. 10 - at Auburn - worst team in the SEC makes this winnable
    Feb. 13 - South Carolina (home) - winnable because it's a home game
It's not out of the question for Georgia to take 4 of 5 from those teams, and that task looks a lot more manageable if we win on Saturday.

Not that you asked, but Georgia has the #8 strength of schedule in the nation according to Fox is trying to turn this program around the old fashion way...via blunt trauma. (kidding...I like the schedule)

BTW -- I know times are tough at newspapers, but not sending a single writer from the ABH or AJC to cover these road games? Seriously?

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A-Phiz said...

At home our team looks poised and confident but last night they seemed to get rattled very early on. The half court trap implemented by Florida kept pressure on us the whole night, leading to a ton of turnovers. The way the Dawgs were turning the ball over made me realize we are still a long way from being great. Mark Fox is doing a tremendous job but it's going to take a while to start winning consistently, especially on the road

gamecock man said...

Not a bad assessment of us. I think we probably split this year; both teams aren't as good on the road as at home.

Clinton said...

We have got to stop turning the ball over so much. Some of the passes were not only out of place, but unwarranted.

You take the turnover margin and turn it into even 1/3 less than what we had last night, we make a game of it.

For what is was worth, Trey is the man. He looked exceptional.

Anonymous said...
Blog dedicated solely to UGA basketball

Jake said...

I was there to witness the turnover marathon. I couldn't believe how many times UF was able to press us into turnovers. At one point I believe we had 1 steal to UF 9. It was frustrating because we kept it close most of the first half. I was surprised that UF didn't look like they had that much talent over us. McPhee looked great. Did get to see some nice Leslie dunks!

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