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February 23, 2010


So...there's this

Spring can't get here fast enough.


sUGArdaddy said...

That's probably because he IS Colt McCoy. That have almost identical builds and playing styles. Colt was never a runner. Just a great QB who could really run, too. Which is a huge difference. Almost Steve Young-ish (though not in Young's league). That's Aaron's game. It's gonna be fun to watch.

SECC in '10...Please said...

We MUST take advantage of the somewhat depleted East this year to regain some momentum within the program. Murray's right arm will go a long way in determining how we finish.

We return all but 3 contributors out of 20 something on offense. Only one was a starter.

We return some of the best specialists in the country. Boynkin, Walsh, and Butler.

The defense certainly isn't devoid of talent.

For a successful season we need Murray to be solid, doesn't have to be spectacular. We need the KO Coverage unit to vastly improve along with the Punt Return unit to give us some productivity. And, most importantly, the D MUST improve in the PPG/TO categories. Help, the offense and special teams out.

I expect us to get at least 10 wins and win the East this year, anything less would be a disappointment in my eyes. At the VERY least, we need to be in the hunt for the East coming down to the UF/AU stretch. I'm SICK of being virtually out of championship contention after Tennessee week ('07, '09).

Anonymous said...

"I'm SICK of being virtually out of championship contention after Tennessee week ('07, '09)."

That's a stretch to say we were out of championship contention after UT week '07. UT needed an assortment of missed FGs and turd-witted play from the opposition coming down the stretch to win the a yard.

AwesomeDawg said...

I am surprised by lofty expectations of SECC In 10. We have huge questions at QB, not to mention breaking in a completely new defensive scheme. Given the preformance of our D over the past few season, I think it may take a few years to reload the talent. 10wins seems like a big stretch for a season with so many questions.

taylor said...

and ware just choked us the game away

Anonymous said...

10 wins does not really seem like such a stretch to me. But the way the SEC is these days, the difference between a six win team and a ten win team isn't that much. Take the 2009 season. Even with very uneven quarterback play, lots of turnovers, and lots of yardage given up on defense, we are still only a few plays away (LSU and UK) from another ten win season. On the other hand, with our uneven quarterback play leading to lots of turnovers (along with the RBs), the yardage given up on defense, and the several very close games, we could have easily ended up with seven or more losses (South Carolina, Arkansas, Arizona State). I think that an equal or slightly better defense, along with an equal or slightly better offense could bring about ten wins, given that the two teams we lost to in blowouts (UT, UF) should be down this year, and the games we lost close or won close will again be tossups with us clearly in a good situation to win, talent wise. I don't feel it's unreasonable to expect ten wins. I also, however, don't think it's unreasonable to expect 5 or six losses. But that's college football. And that's why they play it. And that's why we watch it.

Mr. Sanchez said...

OK, I guess I have to ask the question.

Just when has Colt McCoy ever seen Aaron Murray play? Anyone else curious how he has an opinion on Murray being a Texas kid when Murray was in Florida, which I'm guessing has to be tied in to the Elite 11 QB camp.

Paul Westerdawg said...

The top college QBs each year are essentially camp counselors are the Elite 11.

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