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March 4, 2010

Calipari Impressed by UGA visit

Coach Calipari gets it (from the AJC):
“Georgia,” he said, “is one of those gem jobs that no one realizes.”
He cites the recruiting base and the new facilities as reasons for the optimism for UGA people.

Update: Dean Legge has a great video interview with Calipari. He's even more glowing in his praise in the video.

How good is the in state basketball talent in GA? In football, Texas and California are the top producers of recruits with Florida right on their heels. In basketball the changing demographics and exploding talent base would make Illinois Basketball more like Texas Football and Georgia's in state hoops talent pool is analogous to Florida's football talent base.

Things are going well with 2011 recruiting, and that's the class that will define this coaching staff. The Early Signing Period for 2011 starts in Nov. 2010. The biggest recruits for Coach Fox to land between now and then are:
    1. Trey Thompkins
    2 (Tie) Kentavious Caldwell
    2 (Tie) Dai-Jon Parker
    2 (Tie) Julian Royal
    5. Any of the 9 other Top 150 players in the nation who call GA their home
I think we'll sign two of the big three in state b-ball players, and I really hope / think Trey comes back.

If Thompkins returns, we should be in good shape for a tourney run. Especially considering the progress that Jeremy Price is making along with the developing outside shot of Dustin Ware and the addition of Gerald Robinson Jr.

I remain very optimistic about the future of UGA basketball.



Trey said...

Well saying the 2011 class is going to define this coaching staff is pretty dumb.

Paul Westerdawg said...


If he can't recruit, he can't stay long term. The 2011 class will be his first shot at recruiting kids who were Sophs when he got here.

So's a pretty big deal. Especially given how loaded that class is.

StuDawg said...

Really trey? I'd say its a pretty big deal. Any word on if fox is getting anyone in the 2010 class? I know Lalanne is signed, but we've got to get some others right?

Paul Westerdawg said...


Re: 2010 recruiting. We'll likely sign one more. The '10 class was unusually weak compared to the last 6-10 classes and the next 2.

Anonymous said...

"The '10 class was unusually weak compared to the last 6-10 classes and the next 2."

That's why it is ultra critical to keep Thompkins and Leslie for next year. Last night, with all of those pro scouts in attendance, may have been a blessing in disguise considering the sub-par game both players had.

WHM said...

PWD --

I'm assuming you're referring to Trey returning for his senior year, since that will be when caldwell/parker/royal etc are on campus. You have more insight into the situation than I do, but what leads you to believe he'll stick around Athens all 4 years? People are already talking about the chances of him leaving after this year (soph.), then he and Travis are projected top 10 picks in 2011 (after junior years) [see:]. I read your previous post regarding his curretn "readiness" for the next level and agree with you. Still, it seems to be that 4 years of TTIII is a stretch. No?

Here's hoping you're right!

Paul Westerdawg said...


If Trey sticks around for *next season* and we add Robinson, we could be a tourney team. That's Step 1 in the turnaround.

But we need more than a step. We need a long term foundation.

StuDawg said...

WHM - I think he means that when we are recruiting Caldwell, Royal, Parker, etc. will be this now and this offseason. That will also be the same time period Fox will need to be talking to Thompkins about returning for his Junior season to further refine his game. I don't think anyone realistically believes that either Leslie or Thompkins will be with us as seniors. That was my take anyway..

todd said...

He also talked about what a good home court advantage Stegeman is. For all of the criticism, the Steg will be a nice place after the renovations are done this summer.

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