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March 12, 2010

Georgia gets Vandy Tonight

I really like our chances tonight for several reasons:
    1. We beat Vandy soundly at home, and only lost by a very narrow margin in overtime at Memorial Gym.

    2. This game isn't not in Memorial Gym. The Vandy crowd will be relatively small given that UK and UT fans own almost all the tickets to the event. If you've never been to an SEC Tourney, you can't appreciate how incredibly slanted the entire affair is towards UK. It's basically the Big Blue Invitational.

    3. Vandy has nothing to play for. Their seed is pretty much set. Historically, Stallings is at his best in the tourney when he's on the bubble. The 'Dores know they aren't going to beat UK to win it all. So what are they really playing for?
I'm not guaranteeing a victory or anything insane, but I do like our chances. Especially, if we play defense like we did last night against Arkansas.

Interestingly, the Macon Telegraph reports that UGA doesn't have to finish with a winning record to get invited to the CBI or CIT tournaments. Those are Tier 3 tourneys behind the NCAA and NIT events. and have us with an RPI of 99 and 100 respectively. With a win over the Gators on Saturday and the emerging star power of Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie, the Dawgs might be an attractive get for those lesser tourneys, and we clearly need the experience.

Update: In news of the very weird...Jim Harrick is on the selection committee for the CIT's 16 team tournament. I've heard strong rumblings that he's a big fan of the Mark Fox hire. The CBI tourney is also a 16 team event played on campuses, but the final round is a best 2 out of 3 affair. Based on last year's attendees, the CBI is the more prestigious event.

UF and Miss State are both beatable opponents on Saturday, but we have to win tonight first.

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Anonymous said...

Shitty free throw shooting, shitty on the boards, no defense....gave up!!!

Anonymous said...

Played 5 on 8 for majority of the game too. That never helps.

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