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March 19, 2010

Tennis Streak in Jeopardy Today

The tennis team takes on defending national champion USC today at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex.  If you can break away from work and the basketball tournament, get out and support the tennis team.  

The No. 6 Dawgs have a 71 match home winning streak going, the second longest such streak ever.  The No. 3 Trojans are a worrisome opponent if we'd like to keep that streak going.  They have the best singles player in the country, Steve Johnson, four other ranked players, and all of their doubles teams are ranked in the top 50.  They are loaded.  Both Dan Magill and I have our doubts about the team's chances.  We'll need to play our best to beat them and some fans in the stands barking at the opposition can only help keep the streak alive.



todd said...

USC and their fomer coach Dick Leach is one of the reasons why the NCAA's aren't held in Athens every year. It's always fun to knock the Trojans off their high horse in tennis. Remember Leach's son Rick turning over a coke machine and crying? I couldn't stand him and ALWAYS rooted against him as a pro. Dick and Rick were pricks.

Russ said...

Go Dawgs! I'd be there if I were in town. I loved beating USC and all the left coast teams.

RC said...

+1 Todd. I remember that all too well. We win a couple of NC's to their bazillion of them and all of a sudden it's unfair to have us host the event that was widely held as the best produced of any of the NCAA championships. Many in the NCAA tennis world still say we should host it every year.

Anonymous said...

Great match. We took them to the wire. USC's #2 was a real dick.

Rick said...

We lost. Bummer.

matt b. said...

What's up with Hey Jenny Slater? Why isn't he letting people read his blog? Great blog, weird dude...

Kanu said...

matt b.-

HJS will be back; I heard it from the man himself. I'm sure he'll explain then; just consider it him taking a break.

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