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May 19, 2010

Advice Needed: Georgia vs. Florida Game Water Taxi?

Dawgnoxious and I are thinking of ditching our long standing Adams Street tailgate spot in favor of pre-gaming at a local bar and then going to the game via Water Taxi. We'd rather not drive to or from the stadium.

So my question do we do that? Who do I talk to? What websites can you guys hook me up with?

We're staying in Deerwood Park this year which is east of the River. For those not familiar with the city, we're South of the stadium on I-95 between the interstate and the beach.

We're game for partying anywhere east/south of the stadium near a water taxi location. Ideally, there would be a lot of other Dawg fans tailgating with us. And we don't want to fight traffic to get to the bar...ideally.

Please post your suggestions in the comments.


Paul Westerdawg and Dawgnoxious


JaxDawg said...

The water Taxi runs various routes so you tailgate/drink/bar up at the River City Brewing Company which is on the Southbank (next to the Prudential Bldg) and take the taxi to the landing and cab it, or tkae it to the stadium.

My question is why on earth would you stay in Deerwood unless you're staying at someone's home. If anything, stay at the brand new Hilton Garden Inn located just south of 95 near Hendricks Blvd.

I've used SS Marine before and they're easy to deal with. Just call them.

57DAWG... said...

Paul, We usually tailgate at the Landing (our hotel is right behind it) & take the water taxi about 90min. prior to kickoff. It's only a 10 min. ride & docks where the Jax Bulldog club has their BBQ & pep rally by the Jags practice fields next to the river....

j.leonardjr said...

My best suggestion is hope that Georgia wins the game and you'll be able to walk on water back to your place of lodging.

TrboDawg said...

I wish I could remember the name of the party boat I took back in college (early 80s) - all I remember was that we won the game AND both halves of the $500.00 score pool. It was the best experience I'd ever had in Jax

Josh said...

I've done this for Jags games. You can park/tailgate across the river off Prudential. The lot is right beside the Duval County School Board...for Jags games you do not need a pass and you hop on the ferry and its $4 per person each way.

No idea what it is like during GA/FLA though...I've been in the WJCT Lot the last few years and like to be in the middle of the action.

Dawgaholic said...

My advice is to get a seat on a sorority party bus from SSI. I've found this to be a really good time.

Anonymous said...

It's very hot in Jacksonville for that game and Florida has an unfair advantage. I wouldn't even go if I were you.

Tracy said...

keep in mind the mass of humanity that are all jockying to get back across the river at the end of the game. Not bad coming over before the game. Much more of a hassle post game

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