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May 13, 2010

Colorado Buffalo Season Tickets on Sale

Image: Hipple

When more than 15,000 Georgia fans descended on the desert for the UGA vs. Arizona State game, the attendance was fueled by a convergence of factors including:
  • $99 season ticket packages located directly adjacent to the visitors section
  • A large stadium by non-SEC standards with more than 71,000 seats that almost never experiences a sellout
  • Unprecedented optimism leading into the 2008 football season.
  • The first big road game outside of the Southeast in 40+ years.
  • Amazing tourism opportunities nearby
The dynamics of the 2010 Georgia vs. Colorado game are wildly different. However, we could still end up bringing a massive crowd to Boulder. With that in mind, I did want to let you know that season tickets for the 2010 Buffaloes season are on sale now from CU's Athletic Department. Here are the caveats you should know:
  • The cheapest season ticket is $235. The seats available at that price point are located in the yellow sections on this map. Click on the section to get a view from those seats. They aren't bad seats because the stadium is so small, but they aren't very good seats for that price point. Especially, not when you can get tickets on Stubhub in Section 2 for $100 or so as of the time of this posting. View from Section 2.

  • Enthusiasm for Colorado football is incredibly low, and they are hosting a truly pathetic home schedule. The best game on the docket is UGA. The second best game is Texas Tech. Your ability to unload your unused CU season tickets will be incredibly limited. Unlike the ASU season tickets two years ago where you could dump the UCLA and Oregon tickets and get some of your cash back.

  • I researched last year's fees for CU home games. You could get dramatically better seats than what is marked in yellow on that map for less than $235 each.

  • Individual game tickets go on sale roughly August 2nd. Last year, they didn't sell out the Nebraska home game in advance, and they were much more optimistic about the 2009 season than the 2010 season.

  • Folsom Field only seats 53,000 people. That's smaller than Bobby Dodd Stadium. So if UGA brings 10k or more, there will be some interesting demand for tickets in the aftermarket.
Bottom what you want. But I'll either buy them from the CU athletic department in August or I'll buy 'em off Stubhub.

Georgia at Colorado Football Tickets October   2 2010

Obviously, I have a referral relationship with Stubhub. So, I'm hardly unbiased. But I will definitely still post the link to buy single game tickets to their games when they go on sale directly from CU. I want as many Dawg fans as possible there one way or the other.



Danny P said...

Do we know yet what section will be reserved for visiting fans? I'm making the trip, and wanted to know where we're sitting in case the opportunity to jump the gun a bit occurs.

Paul Westerdawg said...

it's marked in the official seating chart that's linked above.

ColumbiaDawg said...

Thanks for the info. This sight sure helped me two years ago with Arizona State.

I can't believe the Nebraska fans didn't gobble up those tickets.

Any guess on what the cutoff point will be for Colorado?

Anonymous said...

Just a couple notes about Folsom Field:

1) You can enter and exit the stadium as much as you want during the game. We left at halftime to get drunker at a tailgate and then returned.

2) If it is a sunny day, you'll need SPF 1000. Incredibly intense sun in that stadium, even into late September and October.

matt b. said...

Tickets purchased, hotel booked. Fine-tuning my barking as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Was ASU not a big game? Or is it not out of the Southeast?

Anonymous said...

Athens and Boulder are the two greatest college towns in the country. Just as many beautiful women in Boulder as in Athens but the Buffalo women will have more under arm hair but they will make up for that with their awesome buds.

Hobnail_Boot said...

I've recently begun looking into airfare for the trip. Everything seems to be in the $350 range round-trip. Any advice on that?

Mario said...

Regarding the airfare, that's about right for most flights round trip to/from Atlanta/Denver. I live in Colorado Springs and I usually try to hop on the Delta red-eye flight from Denver after work whenever I head home. I usually end up paying somewhere between $280-$350 usually 1-3 weeks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the effects of altitude. You'll get drunker quicker, and you'll also get more dehydrated, especially since Colorado is a very dry place in general. The altitude also plays into the effects of the sun, as mentioned above.

But yeah, Boulder is pretty much the Athens of the Mountain West.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Hobnail, I got a better deal than that, but I'm staying through Monday morning. Flying Delta. Not a ton better deal, but better.

CO Pres said...

As the President of the Colorado Dawgs, I can tell you that we have done a lot of talking with the CU ticket office. They have told us that when individual tickets go on sale we can have a group code set up so that we can buy tickets in a large group, to keep the Dawg fans together as much as possible.

Be on the lookout for that code to go up before August 3 on our blog You can also subscribe to the blog to receive emails when new posts are added.

Paul said...

Wow, they seriously do pass-outs during the game? Awesome.

The visitor sections' view are tremendous. Those are section 330 views 'tween the hedges. Again awesome.

We booked Thursday flight out for just around $300. We're not really getting there when we wanted, but that's OK. We'll be in time to have a nice dinner in Boulder. One of my colleagues here went to CU, so any hints he offers, I'll definitely re-post.

We've got our flight and three nights in Boulder squared away. Now all I need to do is figure out Estes Park and Denver for Sunday-Wednesday. It could be too cold to camp at RMNP - weather in early Oct in CO is all over the place. It could be 80 degrees and sun or it could be 35 and snow for this game. We'll see!


Of course, they've got an off-week before the game AND they're honoring their 1990 MNC team that w/e. Think those guys will garner a hearty cheer from the Bulldog faithful? TGWGT!

Russ said...

Well, I've always recognized Colorado as the true 1990 National Champions, so I guess I'll give them a hat tip at half time.

Any suggestions on where to stay? Where is the team hotel?

Jeff said...

we're at the Rodeway Inn Fri & Sat and looking for a tailgate. We're got about 10 folks right now, some flying in and some who live in Denver

Bill West said...

I can't find the UGA section on the map...any help would be appreciated

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