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May 21, 2010

Dawgs Try Again at the DMTC

The men's tennis team faces the Gators today at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex.  The match is one of the round of 16 in the NCAAs.  The team hasn't beaten the Gators this season (a recurring theme this athletic year), but the last match was closer that the final score would indicate.  I think we have a shot here, but the team has to be playing as well as it can.  Somebody has to step up a slot for Bo Seal's after he was suspended/kicked off the team for academic issues.

A big, frothing Bulldog crowd would help the guys, so get out there and enjoy some tennis today.  The match is scheduled for 6PM, but it looks like weather is going to alter that time.  Check for updated information.

For those of you not in the Athens area, you can watch the match here.

UPDATE: DAWGS WIN IT, 4-2!  Next match is Sunday at 5PM against rival Texas or former net dawg John Roddick and the Sooners. (That match is tied as I write this.)



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