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May 18, 2010

Update on Marcus Thornton's recruitment

Chip Towers goes deep in debunking rumors about the potential eligibility of Marcus Thornton at Georgia Tech. Per the AJC:
Marcus Thornton told the AJC he was extremely impressed with Georgia Tech after his visit this past week. But the Westlake basketball star might have to be willing to sit out a year if he wants to go there. Shane Lyons, associate commissioner for compliance for the Atlantic Coast Conference, confirmed to the AJC Monday afternoon that the league’s stringent intraconference transfer policy would apply in a case such as Thornton’s. That is, he would have to sit out his first season and have only three years of eligibility remaining if he opted to sign with Tech or another ACC school.

“There are waiver opportunities,” said Lyons, who would speak only in generalities. But, he said there is “no precedent” where the league ruled in favor of the transferring player. In fact, he said, a player that was released from Virginia Tech after the 2007 on-campus shootings was denied his first year of eligibility at Maryland even after two appeals. “It’s written pretty tightly,” Lyons said of the rule.
Predictably, Hewitt and Company have told the Thornton's that there's nothing to be worried about.
[Thornton] has been assured by coaches recruiting him he “has a chance of winning” a hardship appeal.
A separate article that I saw referenced the other day said that 16 kids have appealed this rule, and the ACC has denied all 16 requests. But of course, GT tells him don't worry. You'll be fine. Typical.

By the way, the brutality of the rule according to Towers' article is that he would only have three years to complete his eligibility. It's not like a typical transfer situation where you sit for a year as a redshirt, but you still get 4 to play 4. This is a 3 to play 3 after sitting out. (ht - ball-u-dawg)

Update: Thornton could become the first Mr. Basketball in Georgia (as awarded by the Atlanta Tip Off Club) to sign and enroll in Athens since Wayne Arnold in 2002. Arnold's tenure was cut short by academics, injury and arrest. The only other Mr. Basketball to sign with UGA since 1982 was Louis Williams who elected to go pro instead of enrolling. (Source: Wikipedia) ht - ShinerBockDrinkingDawg

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Will said...

You expected the Nerds to be good at statistics? That's a bit to 'applied' for their tastes.

Matt said...

when is he supposed to make a decision?

dick said...

Wait a minute...Only one Georgia Mr. Basketball has played for UGA in the last 25 years. Is that true?

S.A.W.B. said...

Truth telling, either. Remember, kids, Tech lies and cheats!

Bernie said...

If the ACC denied Gilchrist after the VA Tech shootings, hard to imagine they'd say okie dokie to a kid after a coaching change.

Ridiculous rule. Hope they keep it.

The Watch Dawg said...

We all know that Tech lies and cheats.... but that is just egregious. You can't tell me that Hewitt and co. don't already know that nobody has ever won that appeal. If the kid at VA Tech was denied on his appeal, ain't no way in hell that Thornton is going to win his.

I hope the Thornton's see Chip Tower's article... and I hope Fox is dropping the "liar liar pants on fire" line to Thornton's parents.

Anonymous said...

Thornton to announce Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

How are ACC schools not trying to have this rule removed post haste? Hurts kids, and their own schools.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

Matt, he's set to announce at noon today ...

If the ACC didn't grant a waiver after the VT shootings, how is a coach leaving for another job precedent worthy?

Mr. Sanchez said...

From what I've been told, we'll be getting good news today. All signs, both inside and outside the program are saying us. A little birdie even said he was hanging out in Athens yesterday. Smiles!

Huevos McGringo said...

he's a dawg:

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