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June 11, 2010

Like shooting fish in a barrel

This comment thread is too good to pass up.



Russ for UGA VIII in '010 said...

Comments sure do make a blog more enjoyable....

Anonymous said...

Its sad how many UGA folks hawk all over the GT boards....guess you have a lot of time on your hands when you are unemployed.

DavidSDawg said...

I know this sounds crazy, but I think the SEC ought to bring Tech in if they were interested. With all the old rivalries that GT had and the proximity to other schools It would be an odd but descent fit. Them and Clemson. In fact as a Georgia Fan, I want Clemson on the schedule, who wouldn't ! As for Tech, we already play them anyway. We will always play them the last game. Play them last and Clemson early. Just like it used to be. Why have GT in the conference? As a Dawg fan I believe winning and losing should have consequences besides polls and bragging rights. Another thing, in college football the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" all ways has been always will be, on any given Saturday. You never know whats going to happen "when toe meets leather" and any SEC loss by UF or UT is good for the Dawgs, even if by some fluke chance it was to your in state in conference foe. Now having stated this its time for a good bath. Favorable Tech talk makes me feel like having your water shut off for three weeks and staying clean on baby wipes.

Senator Blutarsky said...

Anon, you make it sound like skimming the Tech boards is akin to reading War and Peace or Gravity's Rainbow.

Trust me, it ain't.

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