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July 8, 2010

Football Ticket Cutoff Scores Announced

Shocking cutoff levels really (Via
Season Tickets
  • Contributors who ordered and have a cumulative score of 1,507 or higher will receive adjacent renewable season tickets.
Single Home Game Tickets
  • Louisiana-Lafayette: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Arkansas: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Tennessee: No single game tickets were available because Tennessee receives the maximum allotment for a visiting team.
  • Vanderbilt: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Idaho State: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Georgia Tech: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
Georgia versus Florida
  • All contributors who ordered will receive tickets. All club level orders will be filled (cumulative score 51,000 points and higher).
Away Game Tickets
  • South Carolina: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Mississippi State: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Colorado: All contributors who ordered with a cumulative score of 38,500 and higher will receive tickets. Tickets may be purchased through the Colorado Athletics Ticket Office beginning August 2nd by calling 303-492-8337 or online at
  • Kentucky: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Auburn: All contributors who ordered will receive tickets.
Well...I now feel like an idiot for not putting in an order for those Auburn tickets. I had heard a rumor of a wildly different cutoff for Colorado. So that's an interesting number. Overall, I'm shocked.



The 31st Floor said...

So by this I'm going to go ahead and assume that single game tickets will be available to Hartman Fund contributors to most, if not all, of these games?

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

Maybe you don't need to kick yourself over AU or SC tickets. There was a min contribution level to order them ...

South Carolina: 26,000 cumulative points are required to be eligible to order South Carolina away game tickets.

Auburn: 29,000 cumulative points are required to be eligible to order Auburn away game tickets.

Anonymous said...

Paul - Don't these scores just indicate that the ath. association set the eligibility numbers too high in March? Last year's Florida cutoff was in the 9000s, but this year you had to have 11,000 to even be able to order them in March.

j.leonardjr said...

Made the Colorado cut off by the skin of my teeth. 255 points was cutting it close.

gej said...

Paul, do you have any information about the history of Hartman/GEEF fund contribution cutoffs?

I know the past 3 years' numbers, but I have no idea where we were prior to 2007.

I know that donation levels aren't a perfect (or possibly even good) indicator of overall program health, but that would be interesting to see.

Football Dude said...

This is a little misleading. You had to have 29,000 points to be eligible to order Auburn tickets. Also 26,000 for SC, 5,000 for Kentucky, 34,000 for GT, 15,000 for Arkansas. So, in reality, there were cutoffs. But everyone who was eligible to order and did order, will receive tickets.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how they just happened to have the perfect supply and demand for the non-Colorado away games and the Florida game. All orders were filled but no tickets are leftover. That makes no sense. Can anyone explain this?

ColumbiaDawg said...

I think you had to have a minimum amount of points to order those tickets to begin with. For Auburn, you had to have at least 29,000. So if you didn't have that, don't feel so bad about it.

Anonymous said...

Curious what number you heard about Colorado PWD.

The AA staff member I spoke with on the phone guessed that it would probably be 40k+ based on the allocation from CU and number of orders so (s)he wasn't far off.

NCT said...

Holy smoke. I'd kind of given up. I got cut out of Florida a couple of years ago, and I can't remember when, if ever, I've qualified for away Auburn tickets. I knew cutoffs would be lower, but I didn't bother tacking those onto my check this year. Damn. Just damn. I haven't been to a game in Jordan-Hare since the early 1990s.

fuelk2 said...

Before we all hate ourselves too much, remember that there was a pretty hefty minimum to even be eligible to order tickets for some of the games. That skews the pool of folks placing orders quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Shocking LOW numbers, I assume?
Can you explain the point system? Does 1 point = $1 ?

Anonymous said...

Surely this was a poorly worded press released because I can't believe there was really no cutoff for Florida, SC, and Auburn. It probably should have said: "all contributors WHO WERE ALLOWED TO ORDER got tickets". You had to have $XX,XXXX cumulative scores to order any of those in the first place, so that would be the real cutoff.

I know I got an e-mail a few weeks ago offering SC tickets, so I was originally slightly below the mandated order level. But not everyone got that SC e-mail. Same for Florida. They sent our e-mails to selected donors to sell the ones they could not sell in the first go round.

I'll bet the real cutoffs for Florida were a lot lower than 2009 though. That shows how discouraged people are with this program and with the economy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

I have posted before, but it has been a while. I, too, was shocked by the scores. First the only explanation for the Colorado score, with all the other road scores, is that the University took a huge compliment of the tickets for family and university. We keep up with scores from the past and there is no way there could have been the disparity between Auburn, South Carolina and the Colorado game without that. Perhaps our ingenious University leader felt sure(and he is likely right)that the great UGA fans would go to the hassle of getting tickets elsewhere so he took all he might even need. When all the rest of the games came in at or below their projected levels it points that the UGA nation is in the "Show me first" phase rather than the "I believe in the program" phase. Just some thoughts.

PS: As Paul would say "You can get good seats on Stub Hub"

David said...

Wow, what a dropoff..especially for the away tickets. Auburn and South Carolina were both above 20k two years ago. Can we really expect to see a significantly fewer amount of Dawg fans on the road this year? Kinda depressing.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are a bit misleading. If you remember you had to have a certain number of points just to be eligible to order away tickets.

Castleberry said...

I'm sure you know this but the cutoff scores are misleading. You couldn't order Auburn tickets unless your cumulative score was over 29,000.

You're probably there, but I need a few more years to hit that level.

Check page 12 on the Hartman fund brochure...

el diablo said...

i guess the i cant afford this crowd cant say too much this year.
actually im sure they can.

Standup! said...

Don't know if you have heard. But Mark Fox added a home game with Xavier in February. This could be one of the more challenging hoops schedules we have had in awhile.

Kelin said...

Anonymous said...

FWIW...they did not even allow for AU ticket orders on most forms this year if they felt your score had no chance of getting tickets.

Anonymous said...

Based on what one person said earlier, it sounds like they sent emails to people just under the ordering cutoff and asked them if they wanted to buy. Maybe they shouldn't make the ordering cutoffs so high.

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