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July 4, 2010

The New AD Search Begins Monday?

WSB-TV is reporting that Damon's tenure as AD ends Monday.  That should surprise exactly no one.  No matter what your job, a DUI is enough to put your employment in jeopardy.  But when you're the married, high profile head of the state's flagship athletic department, a DUI with a twenty-something girlfriend who throws her panties in your lap, it's fatal to your ongoing career.  The arrest report is hard to defend, even if he was an unpaid intern.

So our AD search likely begins tomorrow.  How confident are you that we will get someone who can compete with Jeremy Foley, Joe Alleva, and the rest of the ADs in the SEC and the country?  I for one am skeptical.  Our president, who will likely have veto power over the hiring at a minimum, has a spotty record for hires that won't embarrass the university.  Think Harrick.  Think Evans.  One might assume that the job would attract top talent.  We're highly profitable, still highly competitive, and have no major hiring decisions looming. 

Maybe our executive search firm will have so many good choices, Adams won't be able to screw the choice up.  But, I doubt it.

UPDATE: also has a couple of sources saying Damon's out and an announcement is coming tomorrow.   WSB has a list of possible replacements and The Mayor has already nominated Greg McGarity.



Scott said...

Could Adams redeem his image and bring back Vince Dooley? I don't know if Vince would be interested, but I would love to see him get back with the UGA Athletic Department!

Cassie said...

I like this guy:

Sean R Reid said...

If Adams has any sense (doubtful) he'd appoint Carla Williams as the interim and then start a search committee in which she would be considered along other possible candidates.

I've heard her name mentioned on a few other blogs and after reading her bio I've got to agree:

Dubbayoo said...

I think the better question is how likely are we to find someone at least as good as which I say extremely likely. I didn't think he was anything special when they hired him. I think McGarity sounds like a good choice.

Evans was Dooley's pick, not Adams'. I wonder if that fact alone sealed his fate. I'm sure Mikey couldn't wait to hurl that failball right at Dooley's cranium.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Harrick had known baggage beforehand. Unless something comes out showing more such actions by Evans, I am not sure you can say it was a bad hire. The athletic dept's coffers were filled. Graduation rates seemed to be respectable.

There had been some drop off in the Sears Cup, but who outside of Stanford really cares or knows about it?

No one really cares how bad the baseball team is; they only notice it when the go to the CWS.

An AD is not going to lose his job over the baseball team not winning.

FisheriesDawg said...

How confident are you that we will get someone who can compete with Jeremy Foley

Seems to me if we hired the guy that knows the most about how Foley operates of anyone around, that could be a nice start...

CJ said...


Quinton McDawg said...

As I recall, Dooley was Dooley's choice for AD.

Muckbeast said...

Dooley was a horrible AD. He is too old school and cannot keep up with the current marketplace.

You guys are fools with the way you rip on Michael Adams. We have him to thank for the return of our football program to national respect - not to mention more than tripling our endowment.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for September, but that won't stop me from telling you, with two words, four simple words: I love you bastards.

It's eerily odd when "where the Hell is Dawgnoxious?" is brought-up at your full-on "4th" party featuring in-laws too old to turn on a TV or know what an RSS feed is.

ColumbiaDawg said...

I know Evans was Dooley's preference, but Dooley kept that to himself because of the animosity between him and Adams. Adams had the final say so.

Adams wanted someone named AD by January, 2004 to work side by side with Dooley until Dooley's contract expired June 30, 2004. Evans was probably the only candidate to agree to that condition.

mr. sanchez said...

Are we hiring Parker for the search?

Anonymous said...

It was the RED panties that put a BLACK eye on the UGA program!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone heard anything about a time for the official press conference?

Anonymous said...

You all think Vince Dooley didn't embarrass the university??? Oh, wait...he's the guy that presided over multiple academic scandals on his own team and while AD and then was so embattled he ran for...Governor, was it?

blackertai said...

I get so tired of people talking about Dooley. He's not coming back. Especially now, considering his son is the head coach at a rival institution.

Let's move on, Jesus.

JaxDawg said...

Hiring McGarity over Carla Williams is not about race or gender, it's about selecting the most qualified candidate for the job. In an era of PC and diversity (two cancerous words), it would say much to our school's commitment if we would ignore the "progressives" and bring McGarity home.

And in terms of performance, I'll submit the below chart from the former posting.

The numbers don't lie boys. We're in what you call a downtrend. Don't bullshit me and argue that Carla Williams shares no responsibility for our (lack of) performance.

And let me make one other thing clear - Florida fans absolutely love McGarity. They have the highest level of respect for him and would be extremely disappointed to see him go. Unfortunately, the hire makes so much sense and the reasons so compelling that it will probably escape Adams and our puppeteer athletic board. I pray that these people make the correct decision here.

Anonymous said...

1. There are now suddenly a lot of Evans detractors with retro-vision. Evans had a sterling reputation when he worked for the conference before coming back to UGA. He was one of the most powerful people under 40 in ALL of sports. But now very suddenly, we struck with "questions" about his tenure. If there were questions about his leadership and direction then shame on the UGAA for extending his contract and giving him a raise.

2. Foley is about as good as an AD as there is, so it is not easy to find someone on that level.

3. I would not be opposed to UGA hiring outside the typical athletic administration channels. Given the amount of revenue the University can now generate, I think leaders from the private sector with tangential knowledge of athletics make sense. They probably would not be interested but think a Billy Payne or a Chris Welton could not run this department well in the interim while the right hire is made?

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest muckbeast. Adams is nothing special.

UGA went into campaign on his watch, which they would have done regardless of which pompous ass was sitting in the administration building.

Had Adams not fouled up the Dooley situation, the endowment would have quadrupled.

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