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September 9, 2010

Agent misrepresented himself to AJ Green

Image by Hipple

ESPN is reporting that the agent who bought the jersey for $1,000 approached AJ Green via Facebook. The agent told AJ that he was a financial adviser and memorabilia collector.

AJ still shouldn't have sold the guy the jersey, and that's an NCAA violation. But it's an entirely different thing to sell a jersey to a random dude vs. an agent. In the agent scenario, he would essentially be laundering you money. In the laundering money scenario, it would have made more sense for AJ to just sell the guy a pack of toilet paper for $1,000. Why bother with the jersey?

I can't fathom how the suspension can stand at four games upon repeal. But this is the NCAA we're dealing with.



A_phiz said...!/hawkez?v=info&ref=ts

This is our little agent friend. I think we should tell him how we feel

20-9 Dawgs Saturday said...

I was awaiting making any sort of emotional judgement because I knew more information would come out. But now that we know this, this seems to be a complete hose-job...

How does a guy who enjoys a nice weekend in Miami get 2 games compare to a guy selling a stupid-ass jersey to some deceitful clown...Makes no sense.

Hopefully, your new info will be taken into account in the appeals process.


Anonymous said...

I suggest Chris Hawkins not come within a hundred miles of Athens, Georgia.

And still, AJ sold his jersey. He knew that was wrong & a violation of rules.

Doesn't deserve 4 games, but isn't innocent either. Hope maybe we can get his suspension reduced. And i hope AJ learns to not be so naive otherwise snakes in and around the nfl will eat him alive.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

Regardless of WHO he sold the jersey to, it still should have have happened! This is the problem that too many are failing to see! Agent, sales rep, postal worker, whoever! AJ would not be in this mess if he had done the friggin' right thing to begin with! Do not give me the "student-athletes are not allowed to work" BS. Too many Dawgs are finding trouble too often recently. Time to put an end to tomfoolery! Apparently CMR is not yeilding a big enough stick!

20-9 Dawgs said...

Dooms're ignoring what I said. I didn't say he shouldn't be suspended.

My point is that its horseshit that he gets 4 games and Dareus gets 2.


Dubbayoo said...

Maybe we should go try to buy some Florida and Alabama jerseys....could be an SEC title in it for us. The fact that this is a former player just really rubs me the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above; it's a crappy double standard that everyone can make big bucks on these deals except the players, AJ used bad judgment and should never have sold the jersey, this punk Hawkins is a snake and the punishment doesn't make any sense relative to the punishment handed down for the Bama player.

However, the thing I'd really like to know is how in the heck the NCAA found out about the sale of the jersey? Unless AJ turned himself in, it seems real strange that if this punk Hawkins has the jersey hanging in his basement that the NCAA would learn about it in the first place. Very strange....

Anonymous said...

NCAA: Did you sell a jersey to an agent?

AJ: No, it was a memorbilla collector.

NCAA: Well he fits our definition of an agent. So you lied to us. You are suspended for 4 games

The NCAA sucks...

Anonymous said...

The difference is this: selling the jersey is illegal regardless of who bought it. Taking a trip to miami with your friends is only illegal if the agent is picking up the tab.

Since Dareus didn't know, he didn't know he was doing anything wrong. In fact, given the circumstance, he was basically tricked into committing an infraction.

Green knew (or should have known) that he was doing something wrong, that he didn't know precisely which NCAA infraction he was breaking seems an odd argument for reduction.

"Yes, sir, he knew he was breaking an NCAA Bylaw, but he thought it was that OTHER one (that carries the same penalties)."

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25:


Neither of those acts are ILLEGAL. They are against NCAA guidelines.

There's a big difference.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Anon, I am not sure it has to be an agent paying for the trip to make it against NCAA rules (illegal is not the proper term). If it can be shown that the athlete received an "extra benefit" not available to another student, it could be a violation. The exception is if the person paying has a long standing relationship with the athlete. For instance, if a kid's neighbor is loaded and often took the kid on trips, it could be considered okay. At least as I understand it.

Bite Me said...

Anon 1:25 am

Dareus took TWO trips at an agent's expense worth nearly $2000. What, you mean to tell me Dareus thought the money came from another poor college player? The tooth fairy?

STFU. Dareus knew he was getting $$ that didn't belong to him and that wasn't coming from other broke college players.


2000Dawg said...

AJ broke the rules. He sold out his teammates by chancing a suspension. I don't care what punishment the NCAA gives him, since that is beyond the school's control. I only care about how the school reacts. In my opinion, the school should kick him off the team.

Yeah, I'm sure that I'll be cheering and happy when he burns UF for a long one, but that doesn't change the fact that he intentionally broke a rule knowing that he would be suspended if caught. We need folks who are proud to be Dawgs, who would never think about selling out their teammates.

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